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News, analysis, and opinions on extremist activity around the world, from fringe groups in the US to major organizations abroad.

White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners

On the ground in Iraq, the war against ISIS is just getting started

Americans' sustained fear from 9/11 has turned into something more dangerous

America’s former envoy to Afghanistan: the war can’t be won

Palestinians have spent decades battling Israel. Now they’re battling each other.

Trump says he’s committed to fighting white supremacy. His policies say otherwise.

Iraqi forces just retook Mosul from ISIS. These photos show what they found.

There is no rational justification for Trump’s travel ban

Syria's lost generation of refugee children, in 12 pictures

Iran was hit by a terrorist attack. Trump's response was that they had it coming.

A terrorism expert on why Trump's anti-Muslim posturing makes us less safe

Terror attack in Tehran: what we know so far

The London attack is the new face of terrorism — and it's very hard to stop

Sweden truck attack: what we know so far

Watching terrorism coverage

This is your brain on terrorism


Dear Hollywood: stop portraying Muslims as terrorists

Trump’s invention of a Swedish terrorist attack was funny. But it likely comes from a dark place.

A congressman challenged CNN to name more than 2 white terrorist attacks. It’s not that hard.

Trump just accused the “dishonest press” of intentionally covering up terrorist attacks

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This American woman has given birth to 2 children while being held hostage in Afghanistan. Why is the family still there?

Washington’s muddled hostage policy has left an American family in the hands of the Taliban.

The US says it won’t talk to terrorists. An American woman and her children are paying the price.

Kellyanne Conway made up a fake terrorist attack to justify Trump’s “Muslim ban”

Why Trump’s "Muslim ban" won’t stop the terrorism threat

How America's "war on terror" was (unwittingly) designed to last forever

Berlin and Ankara: a tale of two terror attacks

German authorities are investigating a deadly truck crash in Berlin as a terrorist attack


An American Muslim comedian on being typecast as a terrorist — and being mistaken for one

Americans are more afraid of clowns than climate change, terrorism, and ... death

What Assad and Putin are doing in Syria "is not counter-terrorism. It is barbarism.”

Donald Trump Jr.'s terrorist-Skittle analogy is completely wrong

No, Donald Trump, the Chelsea bombing doesn’t prove that immigrants are terrorist threats

What people mean when they label an attack “terrorism”

Do terrorist attacks make a Trump win more likely? Here’s what the research suggests.

Most terrorist attacks in the US are committed by Americans — not foreigners

Trump’s 2nd Amendment comment wasn’t a joke. It was "stochastic terrorism."

In 1998, terrorists attacked two US embassies. No one blamed the secretary of state.

Donald Trump's plan for fighting terrorists: act like Saddam Hussein

Why is ISIS turning to global terrorism? Because it’s losing.

On guns, stop talking about terrorism. Start talking about domestic violence.

A suspected terrorist can buy a gun more easily than Steph Curry can make a free throw