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Ted Cruz

Coverage of Ted Cruz, US senator for Texas and former candidate for the Republican 2016 presidential nomination.

It was a great day in the Supreme Court for the bribery of lawmakers

Early voting is surging in Texas. That might be good news for Beto O’Rourke.

Ted Cruz and the Zodiac Killer, explained

Ted Cruz says he’s going to introduce “emergency” legislation to stop family separation

Ted Cruz: I will not be a “servile puppy dog” for Donald Trump

Watch the moment Ted Cruz snubbed Trump — and the crowd turned on him

How does Cruz’s RNC speech rank in convention mayhem? We asked an American historian.

The chaos during Ted Cruz’s speech was even worse than it seemed on TV

Ted Cruz is betting Trump will lose disastrously in November and he can pick up the pieces

This cartoon lets you try to balance Donald Trump's tax plans. Good luck.

Ted Cruz just dropped out of the presidential race

Indiana primary 2016 results: Donald Trump's win all but ends Ted Cruz's last hope

Donald Trump is really going to be the nominee. This is actually happening.

Want to know why so many Republicans hate Ted Cruz? Read his book.

Boehner on Ted Cruz: "I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life"

Lessons from the New York exit polls: Bernie Bros and #NeverTrump are real

Donald Trump loses the Wisconsin primary to Ted Cruz

Sanders, Trump, and Cruz all want dramatic changes to the US government. Clinton doesn’t.

Vox Sentences: “Donald Trump may be a rat, but I have no desire to copulate with him”

Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump: 6 stories to read about the women at the center of Wifegate

The "garbage" story Ted Cruz says "Donald Trump and his henchmen" are spreading, explained

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump's monumentally stupid fight over their wives' honor, explained

#MyMuslimNeighborhood: Muslims' moving response to Ted Cruz

What Ted Cruz said about Muslims is scary. The reason he said it is scarier.

Ted Cruz's outrageous idea to "patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods," explained

Donald Trump attacking Ted Cruz’s wife is the latest ugly example of his campaign strategy

Jeb Bush confirms that Republican opposition to Trump isn't about his racism at all

The biggest winners from Tuesday's primaries: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Experts say Ted Cruz’s plan to “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods” is counterproductive and unconstitutional

I was at the last contested Republican convention. Here’s what to expect at Trump’s.

My first Republican National Convention was in 1952. This year, the party may finally fall apart.

Ted Cruz's newest adviser: anti-Islam conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney

Ted Cruz all of a sudden showered praise on Marco Rubio in his election night speech

Why liberals should root for Ted Cruz

National Review: Ted Cruz is the only hope to stop Donald Trump

CNN's surprisingly substantive Republican debate, in 21 tweets

Why Ted Cruz might torpedo the strategy to stop Trump

Saturday's election results show Donald Trump can still be stopped

Why Caitlyn Jenner is offering to be Ted Cruz's "trans ambassador"

Fox News's Republican debate, from Donald Trump's penis to his flexibility, in 29 tweets

Yoga jokes were the only Zen moment of Fox News's Republican Debate