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How new technology is transforming cities and societies, from the latest apps to advances in renewable energy, computing, transportation, and more.

This is not your millennial’s job market

Elon Musk can’t fix Twitter because no one can

This year’s physics Nobel Prize went to pioneers in quantum tech. Here’s how their work could change the world.

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram story just cost her $1.26 million

Elon Musk’s texts offer a rare glimpse at the billionaire boys’ club

Tech billionaires lost $315 billion in 2022 and it genuinely doesn’t matter

Chips are the new oil. There are no reserves.

 The mysterious ad slump of 2022

The universe is a dangerous place. NASA just showed it’s possible to defend Earth against it.

What happened to giving money to charity?

Amazon’s robots are getting closer to replacing human hands

“The party is over”: How Meta and Google are using recession fears to clean house

How to stop rolling the dice on the destruction of human civilization

Remote workers are wasting their time proving they’re actually working

The West is testing out a lot of shiny new military tech in Ukraine

Who owns what in Big Media today

Two Republican judges just let Texas seize control of Twitter and Facebook

Cookie pop-ups have taken over the internet. Here’s how to stop them.

The Twitter whistleblower made a convincing case that Twitter is a mess

What the high-profile layoffs at Snap, Netflix, and other companies could mean for the economy

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Two dozen tech founders living in a mansion. What could go wrong?

Launch House promised young tech founders community. A Vox investigation found what happens when clout and cash are paramount, and protecting members falls by the wayside.

Why CVS is spending $8 billion to bring back physician house calls

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel isn’t ready to sell his company

Why Disney didn’t buy Twitter

Amazon’s CEO still isn’t accepting the historic Staten Island union victory

Some Amazon Prime customers say they don’t have two-day shipping anymore

Google CEO Sundar Pichai swears his company has real competition

Meta hasn’t “really learned the right lesson,” whistleblower Frances Haugen says

You’re being tracked through your email. Here’s how to stop it.

It’s the end of the car as we know it

Biden’s long game for American-made electric vehicles

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s biggest bet

Where we’re spending our screentime, in 3 charts

How unions are winning again, in 4 charts

Meet the billionaire who loves Fox News and owns a piece of CNN

Starbucks is not playing nice with its new union

How India runs on WhatsApp

Missing parts, long waits, and a dead mouse: The perils of getting a Tesla fixed

Twitter’s whistleblower problem is way bigger than Elon Musk’s bot complaints

Airlines are trying to resurrect the Concorde era