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Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing — and changing us.

What normal Americans — not AI companies — want for AI

How does Elon Musk get away with it all?

The LED light revolution has only just begun

Why in the world are Elon and Zuck planning to punch each other?

Is Zoom using your meetings to train its AI?

Why a “room-temperature superconductor” would be a huge deal

ChatGPT could make bioterrorism horrifyingly easy

The future of cities, according to the experts

The creator of Black Mirror is okay with tech. People, on the other hand ...

Why Meta’s move to make its new AI open source is more dangerous than you think

Workers are mad as hell this summer

Meta is now blocking news in Canada

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The AI rules that US policymakers are considering, explained

Why TikTokers are drinking laundry detergent

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How “windfall profits” from AI companies could fund a universal basic income

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Why Meta is giving away its extremely powerful AI model

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The tricky truth about how generative AI uses your data

It’s time to close the gene synthesis loophole that could lead to a human-made pandemic

A UPS strike would have been worse than you think

The weird sorrow of losing Twitter

Bye-bye birdie: Twitter is X now

Don’t schedule meetings after 4 pm

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Biden sure seems serious about not letting AI get out of control

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The true story behind Oppenheimer’s atomic test — and how it just might have ended the world

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The hottest new job is “head of AI” and nobody knows what they do

There’s a handy new label to tell you if your gadget is easy to hack or not 

Telephone operation was a good career for women. Then it got automated.

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You’re going to see more AI-written articles whether you like it or not

Call of Duty will stay on PlayStation if Microsoft and Activision merge

The Biden administration is allowed to talk to social media platforms again — for now

Elon Musk is just throwing money at popular Twitter users now

You’re not imagining it, brands are texting you way more

Tax prep companies let Google and Facebook sell ads off your data

We all just fell for Amazon’s made-up holiday yet again

Twitter is dying. Policing women’s bodies is keeping it alive.

Meta is finally having its moment with the Twitter alternative Threads

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An unusual way to figure out if humanity is toast

What 1,000 years of history can teach us about making the economy of AI work for everyone

Threads won’t kill Twitter if it’s boring

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AI is a “tragedy of the commons.” We’ve got solutions for that.

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