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How new technology is transforming cities and societies, from the latest apps to advances in renewable energy, computing, transportation, and more.

Some AI just shouldn’t exist

Why the world’s leading AI charity decided to take billions from investors

Facebook’s data-sharing practices are called into question, again

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Are we living in a computer simulation? I don’t know. Probably.

How do you make sure AI is trustworthy? The EU wrote a checklist.

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The Bezos divorce, explained

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Google will extend some benefits to contract workers after internal protest

Google’s brand-new AI ethics board is already falling apart

Would you grocery shop by talking to a smart assistant?

Why coders want to optimize the world

Facebook is finally banning white nationalist content

A quarter of Europeans want AI to replace politicians. That’s a terrible idea.

McDonald’s new drive-thru menus will change based on the weather, traffic, and time of day

Apple’s new streaming service is still mostly defined by what we don’t know

Apple is launching a new credit card for iPhone owners

Thousands of Uber drivers are striking in Los Angeles

Toy unboxing videos have taken over YouTube. Some experts say they exploit kids.

Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are cracking down on fake vaccine news

How YouTube is changing toys

Kids are obsessed with YouTube unboxing videos. The toy industry is taking notice.

Facebook allowed companies to post job ads only men could see. Now that’s changing.

Why the US and China are sparring over 5G in Europe

Google’s first AI-powered Doodle lets you make music like Bach

The psychology behind Trump’s fear of self-driving cars

Rep. Devin Nunes’s bizarre $250 million lawsuit against Twitter, explained

You can now shop on Instagram without leaving the app

How the Tinder algorithm actually works

The New Zealand shooter wrote a manifesto. An extremism expert explains what it means.

Why tech companies failed to keep the New Zealand shooter’s extremism from going viral