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Tech policy

Is YouTube tracking your kids again?

Meta is now blocking news in Canada

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Biden sure seems serious about not letting AI get out of control

There’s a handy new label to tell you if your gadget is easy to hack or not 

Tax prep companies let Google and Facebook sell ads off your data

Pregnant or recently pregnant? A new law could make your job easier.

AI automated discrimination. Here’s how to spot it.

Why the SEC is cracking down on crypto and big tech companies

President Biden’s new executive action is all about children and the internet

9 questions about the attempts to ban TikTok, answered

The Supreme Court decides not to break the internet

Microsoft’s big video game merger just got an extra life

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Finally, a realistic roadmap for getting AI companies in check

The RESTRICT Act is more bad news for TikTok

Utah’s social media for kids law could be coming to a state near you

The era of impossible subscription cancellations is nearing an end

Is TikTok too big to ban?

The Supreme Court is befuddled by whether Twitter is liable for ISIS’s terrorism

The Supreme Court appears worried it could break the internet

The Supreme Court hears two cases that could ruin the internet

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