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Syria's civil war began in 2012. After several years and hundreds of thousands of lives lost, it still hasn't ended and actually may have gotten more complex.

Trump wants US troops out of Syria. Putin might use that to his advantage.

The Pentagon admitted it will never know how many civilians it has killed fighting ISIS

Israel and Iran are escalating a shadow war in Syria

Trump wants Arab nations to send troops into Syria. That’s a spectacularly bad idea.

The past 3 days of Syria news, explained


Why Trump’s limited strike on Syria probably won’t work

Was Trump’s Syria bombing illegal?

The US has bombed Syria to punish it for a chemical attack

The US bombing of Syria, explained in 400 words

How Obama’s “red line” fiasco led to Trump bombing Syria

Russia defiant after Syria bombing, warns of “consequences”

The real (but small) danger of a US-Russia war over Syria

syrian rebel aleppo

The war in Syria, explained

The US has all but slammed the door on Syrian refugees

Bombing Syria won’t stop Assad from using chemical weapons

Trump just tweeted that a strike on Syria is imminent

Trump’s big (non)decision on US troops in Syria, explained

Trump is reportedly telling aides he wants US troops out of Syria

“Siege, starve, and surrender”: inside the next phase of the Syrian civil war

The Assad regime just launched the bloodiest attack in Syria in the past 3 years

US forces reportedly killed more than 100 Russian mercenaries inside Syria

Bashar al-Assad is taking a sickening victory lap through Russia

Special report: 180,000 young Syrian refugees are being forced into child labor in Lebanon

US envoy on the battle to retake ISIS's capital: “They will die here in Syria”

Syria's lost generation of refugee children, in 12 pictures

The US just waded deeper into the Syrian civil war

A terrorism expert on why Trump's anti-Muslim posturing makes us less safe

Russia has a plan for winding down Syria's war. Too bad both sides want to keep fighting.


I'm a Syrian-American journalist. Syria is more than the headlines.

"Truth is always secondary to the spectacle": a media critic on how we cover war

Trump aide admits there actually isn’t a “Trump doctrine”

Obama’s anti-ISIS envoy on why Trump desperately needs a Syria strategy

“Democrats are acting like a bunch of cowards”: Trump’s Syria strike opens a rift on the left

"I think it was completely justified" — a former Obama Pentagon official on Trump's Syria attack

The Trump administration’s eventful and consequential past 24 hours, explained

Here’s how leaders around the world are responding to the strike on Syria

Trump’s foreign policy is dangerously impulsive

Donald Trump is now charting his own path as commander in chief

Some of Trump’s biggest supporters are furious about his strikes in Syria

How top Republicans and Democrats in Congress are reacting to the Syria strikes

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