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Syria's civil war began in 2012. After several years and hundreds of thousands of lives lost, it still hasn't ended and actually may have gotten more complex.

Why are there still American troops in Syria?


How these buildings made the Turkey and Syria earthquakes so deadly

Why earthquakes are deadlier depending on where you live

Why the earthquake caused a “perfect storm” of a crisis in Syria

Deadly earthquakes in Turkey and Syria will add to the region’s humanitarian struggles

This stream has:

Turkey and Syria earthquakes: Aftermath and updates on the humanitarian crisis

Why Democrats are blasting Biden’s attack against Iranian proxies in Syria

Turkey and Russia reached a ceasefire in Syria. Will it hold?

Why Turkey launched a major offensive against the Syrian government

Syria’s worst humanitarian catastrophe in its 9-year civil war is now unfolding

A leaked State Department memo opposes a bill that would resettle Syrian refugees in the US

Trump: We should keep Syria’s oil. The Pentagon: Nope.

Turkey wants to send Syrian refugees to the new “safe zone.” Some refugees are terrified.

The US is “committed” to staying in Syria — to protect oil

Trump’s latest Syria announcement is the clearest articulation of his foreign policy doctrine

How Congress plans to push back on Trump’s actions in Syria

The past 24 hours in Syria news, explained

Republican and Democratic lawmakers are distancing themselves from Trump’s foreign policy

State Department talking points counter Trump’s optimistic message on Syria

Trump loves dictators. Erdogan is the latest to take advantage of that.

The Syrian ceasefire the US brokered is already falling apart

Rand Paul just blocked a vote to condemn President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of troops in Syria

“Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool!”: Read Trump’s wild letter to Turkey’s Erdogan

House Republicans joined Democrats in condemning Trump’s actions in Syria

Trump told 6 falsehoods about Syria in 4 minutes

Here’s what the 2020 Democrats are saying about Trump’s Syria policy

ISIS breakouts, US troop withdrawals, Assad advances: the weekend in Syria news

Lindsey Graham is leading a Senate bill to punish Turkey with crushing sanctions

Trump’s shocking Syria decision and confusing aftermath, explained

For Sama captures life in Aleppo under siege. It’s not like anything you’ve seen before.

Trump just reversed his decision to pull all US troops out of Syria

Lindsey Graham: Pulling troops from Syria is “the dumbest fucking idea I’ve ever heard”

This new art exhibit wants to change the way you think about the Syrian refugee crisis

Mike Pence claimed ISIS was defeated hours after it killed US troops in Syria

The US military has begun its withdrawal from Syria

The US wants to counter Iran in Syria. It may leave some troops behind to do that.

Turkey’s president snubs John Bolton over Syria

Why Trump’s withdrawal from Syria is bad news for Israel — and good news for Iran

Trump’s secret trip to Iraq didn’t quite go as planned

No one knows what’s happening with Trump’s Syria decision