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Nobody wins in the Hollywood strikes, including billion-dollar studios

Netflix is just giving DVDs away now

King the Land is a Netflix hit about love and labor rights

The creator of Black Mirror is okay with tech. People, on the other hand ...

Why streaming services are dumping shows left and right

HBO shows are coming to Netflix. Here’s why that matters.

The Wild West of streaming TV is here and it’s free

How Keri Russell sells The Diplomat’s disaster heroine

Beef is the best show Netflix has had in recent memory

Netflix’s Perfect Match is a panopticon of sex and humiliation

The case for better-seats-cost-more movie tickets

Netflix now has two CEOs, and neither is founder Reed Hastings

The streaming boom is over

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings likes Elon Musk, video games, and bingeing

Bob Iger’s Disney challenge: Solve the problem he helped create

Welcome to Netflix — with ads

Why Disney didn’t buy Twitter

Where we’re spending our screentime, in 3 charts

Here’s what Netflix execs think about the Netflix problem

Here’s why Netflix made you wait a month to watch the rest of Stranger Things

It’s TikTok’s world. Can TV live in it?

Netflix slips and Hollywood cheers. Maybe it shouldn’t.

Coming soon to a streaming service near you: Ads

Why Amazon is paying nearly $9 billion for MGM and James Bond

Spotify Wrapped, unwrapped

Netflix is finally going to reveal how much time people spend watching its shows and movies

The Sopranos vs. the end of history

One Good Thing: An unsung drama of the 2010s you should stream right now

One Good Thing: A rom-com that celebrates the joy of easy watching

One Good Thing: A family drama that takes the deaf audience seriously

One Good Thing: Clear eyes, full hearts, please watch Friday Night Lights on Netflix

Why Netflix is getting into games

What is CNN+ and why would you pay for it?

Loki gives Marvel’s beloved villain a charming second chance

Here’s who owns everything in Big Media today

One Good Thing: The gorgeous horror movie St. Maud finds religious ecstasy in self-destruction

One Good Thing: Mare of Easttown is my new favorite murder story

Netflix’s Shadow and Bone is a muddled, joyless checklist of fantasy tropes

WarnerMedia’s CEO says that in 2022 his movies will debut in theaters before they stream

One Good Thing: Netflix’s gone-too-soon Teenage Bounty Hunters is warm-hearted and whip-smart

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