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Everyone wants a tip now. Do you have to give them one?

Why did Jack Dorsey buy Jay-Z’s failed music service?

Inside Jack Dorsey’s radical experiment for billionaires to give away their money

San Francisco’s Prop C homelessness tax was a big win for Marc Benioff, but legal challenges may be coming

San Francisco has passed a first-of-its-kind tax on big businesses — like Square and Stripe — to help the homeless

Here’s why tech billionaires are fighting over San Francisco’s Prop C ballot measure

Square CFO Sarah Friar is leaving to become the CEO of Nextdoor — which means she won’t become the CEO of Square

Square is considering offering investment and savings products through its Cash App

Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya and Square CFO Sarah Friar are coming to Code Commerce

Square’s Venmo competitor — the Cash app — had more than seven million customers in December

Full transcript: Spark Capital partner Megan Quinn on Recode Decode

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Square’s Sarah Friar has made Wall Street a believer

Which tech stocks beat Facebook, Amazon and Netflix this year?

Two years after going public, Square is now worth more than Twitter

Square is worth almost as much as that other company Jack Dorsey runs

Square is expanding its lending business through partners to try to reach millions more small businesses

Jack Dorsey wants Wall Street to know that Square Cash can be a real business

Why Twitter’s Jack Dorsey chose computer science over becoming mayor of New York

Steve Ballmer says Jack Dorsey will eventually have to choose one company to lead

Why does Apple want to compete with Square and Venmo?

Square is rolling out its first debit card

This is one of Jack Dorsey’s early sketches of what became a $7 billion business

Jack Dorsey tweeted a photo of what looks like a Square debit card

Slack is adding Square CFO Sarah Friar as its first independent board member

Surprise! It’s 2017 and Square is thriving

One of Jack Dorsey’s top leaders at Square is leaving the company

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey is ‘thinking a lot about’ an edit-tweet button

A year ago, Square’s IPO felt like a disaster. Today, it’s a distant memory.

Jack Dorsey plans to continue running both Square and Twitter

Square’s virtual payment cards now work with Apple Pay

Square tells investors that 2016 is going better than expected

Former Twitter M&A boss Rishi Garg is joining venture capital firm Mayfield

Square Cash will guarantee instant deposits — for a fee

Square signed deals with its one-time competitors to help attract larger customers

Square is losing its first top exec since its IPO

Square is chasing growth by expanding its lending business to non-Square merchants

Square’s lending business is giving the company a big boost. How long can it last?

Magic Johnson just resigned from Square's board less than a year after joining

Square Cash still isn't a business

Square misses Q1 expectations, swinging to a wider loss

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