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Meet Barry McCarthy, the man behind Spotify’s daring public offering

Spotify told Wall Street it is going to have a very good year in 2018

Spotify’s first day of trading will be April 3

Everyone wants to build a giant consumer subscription business. Spotify already has one.

Spotify is gambling its stock with an IPO that it concedes is risky

Spotify’s IPO in six charts

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The Spotify IPO

Spotify’s IPO could be a billion-dollar payday for Sony Music

Here’s why Spotify had to go public this year

Spotify is still burning an enormous amount of cash, but the bigger it gets, the better it looks

Here’s why the music industry is celebrating again — and here’s why the music industry is still in mourning

Spotify’s chief content officer is leaving ahead of its IPO

How Spotify solved a $1 billion debt problem that will help it IPO

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Spotify’s Daniel Ek brought music streaming to the masses

Spotify has brought in a new head of PR as it gets ready for a 2018 IPO

Spotify has added Nike exec Heidi O’Neill to its board

The music business is growing again — really growing — and it’s because of streaming

U.S. college students can now buy a Spotify/Hulu bundle for $5 a month

Spotify just signed the last big music label deal it needs to go public

Spotify has guaranteed to pay big music labels billions over the next two years

Taylor Swift is bringing her music to Spotify, and every other streaming service

Apple Music now has 27 million subscribers

The man behind Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature is going to Instagram

Spotify has hired an M&A specialist to help it buy other companies

Why Spotify’s IPO-less IPO is a smart idea

Spotify’s new deal with Universal Music Group means some albums will go behind a paywall

Watch what happens when Spotify gives unknown music acts a big push

Apple wants to make its own movies and TV shows — to help it compete with Spotify

Apple and Spotify are generating $7 billion a year in streaming music revenue

Starz is adding music, courtesy of Spotify, to its video app

Musicians fighting Spotify are ‘so f-cking dumb,’ music industry pundit Bob Lefsetz says

Spotify is adding more subscribers and is losing its chief revenue officer

Bruno Mars and Mark Zuckerberg showed up at Spotify CEO Daniel Ek’s wedding

Spotify says it isn’t punishing artists who cut exclusive deals with Apple and Tidal

Apple says Spotify’s app already violates App Store rules

Spotify says Apple won’t approve a new version of its app because it doesn’t want competition for Apple Music

Adele is done selling her latest album, so Adele’s latest album is finally coming to Spotify

Spotify moves closer to an IPO by hiring a head of investor relations

Spotify hires star music manager Troy Carter to help fight Apple and Jay Z

Spotify lost more money than ever last year — which is great news for Spotify