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It’s going to take a lot more than Neil Young to change Spotify’s mind about Joe Rogan

One Good Thing: The only Christmas music playlist you’ll ever need is (almost) 8 days long

Spotify Wrapped, unwrapped

One Good Thing: Kacey Musgraves’s latest album is her messiest — and maybe her best

Apple’s antitrust problems in Europe just went from bad to worse

Facebook plans to go after Clubhouse — and podcasts — with a suite of new audio products

Why Spotify wants to work with Joe Rogan, Barack Obama, and … you

All eyes turn to Apple as antitrust investigations heat up

Spotify is hiring Joe Rogan, one of the world’s most popular and controversial podcasters

The man who tried to disrupt Wall Street’s stranglehold on Silicon Valley is retiring

Apple is under scrutiny for squashing competitors on the App Store — again

Apple has sold lots of music subscriptions — so it thinks it will sell lots of other stuff, too

Money-losing companies that went public in 2018 did better than profitable ones

Spotify is asking European regulators to help it fight Apple — just before Apple launches a big new subscription service

Spotify and Warner Music are fighting, so Spotify users in India can’t listen to Cardi B or Ed Sheeran

Full Q&A: Alex Blumberg and Matt Lieber explain why they sold Gimlet to Spotify

Spotify has bought two podcast startups and it wants to buy more

Full Q&A: Axios business editor Dan Primack on newsletters, IPOs, and the economy in 2019

Airbnb and Slack are considering untraditional IPOs that box out bankers like Spotify did

Spotify is removing some Alex Jones podcasts — but not all of them — because they are ‘hate content’

Spotify tried to reinvent the IPO. But two quarters later, things look ... normal?

Full transcript: The Verge’s Casey Newton and Recode’s Peter Kafka on Too Embarrassed to Ask

You can listen to the new Beyonce and Jay-Z album on Spotify and Apple Music now

Watch MSNBC and Recode’s latest ‘Revolution’ TV special

Spotify is starting to compete with the music labels by signing direct deals with music acts

Code 2018: When will Silicon Valley take responsibility for its products?

Full video and transcript: Spotify CEO Daniel Ek at Code 2018

The three reasons Spotify did a rare direct stock listing, according to CEO Daniel Ek

Wall Street doesn’t like Spotify’s first-ever earnings report

Here’s what to expect from Spotify’s first-ever earnings report

Spotify wants more paid subscribers, so it’s giving away more music for free

Amazon Prime has 100 million-plus Prime memberships — here’s how HBO, Netflix and Tinder compare

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek is coming to the Code Conference

Full transcript: Recode’s Teddy Schleifer and Kurt Wagner on Too Embarrassed to Ask

This week on Too Embarrassed to Ask: The YouTube shooting, Spotify’s IPO and a Facebook-Cambridge Analytica update

This is who benefits most from the Spotify IPO

At $27 billion, Spotify is the seventh-most-valuable internet company to go public in the U.S.

Spotify’s first day of trading ended up being surprisingly normal — and that’s a win for the direct listing

Spotify relies on the big labels for most of its music. It thinks that will change.

Spotify’s direct listing is an inflection point in the Wall Street-Silicon Valley relationship

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