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The big game is about more than winner and losers; it can shape our culture and society. We explain how.

Kamila Valieva failed her drug test. Blame her coaches.

The Russian women’s figure skating team has bigger problems than doping 

The NFL had the Brian Flores lawsuit coming

Artificial snow is nothing like the real stuff

Nathan Chen was always America’s best shot at figure skating gold

How Nathan Chen won Olympic gold


Why the Olympic monobob event is only for women


The secret to winning a short track speed skating race


Why ski jumpers hold their skis in a V

Will climate change melt the Winter Olympics?

The Olympic ideal is about world peace. The Olympic reality is far from it.

Why the Olympics opening ceremony felt kinda weird

How figure skating became all about the jumps

The Olympics are meant to be a beacon of progress. A century of film tells another story.

Why the New York Times is buying the Athletic

What Peng Shuai’s rape accusation says about China

King Richard and reclaiming Richard Williams’s legacy


How the 3-point line is breaking basketball

The NCAA’s “Student-Athlete” is under fire – but misclassification is everywhere


How Olympic divers make the perfect tiny splash


Why the “wolf turn” is such a big deal

Hosting the Olympics comes at a massive cost

Will the Tokyo Olympics be a superspreader event?

America’s mental health moment is finally here

Why Simone Biles withdrew from the Olympic gymnastic women’s team finals


Why the 400m hurdles is one of the hardest Olympic races

Our bodies can adapt to hotter conditions — but there’s a limit

The Simone Biles scoring controversy, explained

How to become an Olympic sport

Gymnastics still hasn’t fully reckoned with its abuse problem

This stream has:

Tokyo Olympics

Racist trolls attacked England’s soccer team. Fans fought back.

The Olympics are stuck in the 1980s on marijuana

Tokyo’s Olympic Village will be very vaccinated

Most college athletes can’t accept brand sponsorships or deals. That could soon change.

The Supreme Court’s unanimous decision on paying NCAA student-athletes, explained


What tennis pros look at when they choose a ball

Naomi Osaka and tennis journalism’s ugly history of demeaning its players

Big events are back

The complicated politics of a Beijing 2022 boycott

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