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Solar energy

From tax breaks to solar panels, Vox explores the latest news on solar energy.

The US power grid quietly survived its most brutal summer yet


How to fix clean energy’s storage problem


How solar energy got so cheap

How Germany helped make renewable energy cheap for the rest of the world

Solar and wind are coming. And the power sector isn’t ready.


This “duck curve” is solar energy’s greatest challenge

Solar eclipse 2017: how the solar power industry is prepping for a huge blip

Wind and solar power are saving Americans an astounding amount of money

China just built a solar power array that looks like a panda

The falling costs of US solar power, in 7 charts

Here’s video of Facebook’s internet-beaming, solar-powered airplane in flight

Solar power is contagious. These maps show how it spreads.

Here's what has to happen before solar power can take over the world

Why the "duck curve" created by solar power is a problem for utilities

Solar power is booming in India. Will it reach the people who need it most?

There's a lot more solar power in the US than we thought

Here's what the future of solar power could look like

Solar power is contagious: Installing panels often means your neighbors will too

The Netherlands built a bike path entirely out of solar panels

Solar power keeps getting cheaper — but not for the reasons you'd expect

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