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Why a robot pizza startup could be worth $4 billion

You probably haven’t heard of Nubank. But it could be a $10 billion company, so you should.

Full Q&A: DoorDash CEO Tony Xu and COO Christopher Payne on Recode Decode

The way SoftBank invests in startups just doesn’t work, says Khosla Ventures’ Keith Rabois

The CEO of SoftBank says it has a ‘responsibility’ to keep investing Saudi money even as he condemns Khashoggi’s murder

Silicon Valley’s Saudi money crisis illustrates a decline of ‘moral leadership’ in America

SoftBank has a lot to worry about if it strikes this deal with WeWork

SoftBank is betting the Vision Fund on WeWork

The Saudi Arabian government is ready to commit another $45 billion to SoftBank’s Vision Fund

Where SoftBank has invested its $100 billion Vision Fund

SoftBank is in talks to lead a $150 million investment in clinical trial startup Science 37

Here’s what SoftBank’s investment into GM’s Cruise means for the self-driving race

SoftBank is in talks to invest in data storage company Cohesity at a $1 billion valuation

The Saudi Crown Prince is headed to Silicon Valley. One of its fanciest hotels is closed to the public. Coincidence?

China looked at investing in SoftBank’s $100 billion tech fund

SoftBank is trying to poach young venture capitalists for its $100 billion Vision Fund

DoorDash is raising $535 million from SoftBank and others at a $1.4 billion valuation

Uber’s Dara Khosrowshahi perfectly sums up how CEOs feel about taking money from SoftBank

SoftBank’s tech funds have invested 40 percent of their $100 billion target

This stream has:

Where SoftBank has invested its money

SoftBank has a new public relations chief to help it explain its huge deals

Dog-walking service Wag — with the heavy imprint of SoftBank — is replacing its CEO and accepting $300 million in cash

SoftBank is behind another huge, unexpected fundraising — this time in construction company Katerra

SoftBank has a risky plan to raise a few more dollars

Where SoftBank has invested its $98 billion Vision Fund

A SoftBank-led group could buy as much as 45 percent of Wag, the dog-walking app that’s being loaded with cash

Uber’s valuation dropped 20 percent, according to some investors

Sprint’s Marcelo Claure will join Uber’s board, which is set to grow to 17 directors

Benchmark is selling $900 million of its holdings in Uber

SoftBank has successfully acquired 15 percent of Uber in a major victory for both companies

It’s judgment day at Uber, as we learn whether SoftBank will succeed in its complex purchase of some of the company

Sequoia is raising a new fund that could top $6 billion, as pressure from SoftBank’s mega-fund increases on Silicon Valley VCs

SoftBank is looking to invest up to $300 million in Wag, the dog-walking app

SoftBank is negotiating an investment in DoorDash that could reach $300 million

This is where SoftBank’s $98 billion Vision Fund has invested so far

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SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son is about to make either himself or you look like a fool

SoftBank will try to buy shares of Uber at a 30 percent discount

Here’s what you need to know about SoftBank’s tender offer for Uber coming tomorrow

SoftBank is insisting it could walk away from an Uber deal

Uber’s ‘peace deal’ is ready for signing, allowing the SoftBank tender offer to proceed