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Tinder data shows how pandemic dating was even weirder than regular dating

A new social network makes an old bet: That we want to hear from rich people

When Pinterest users started searching for vaccines, CEO Ben Silbermann pulled all medical information from the platform

TikTok is accused of censoring anti-Chinese government content, again

Mark Zuckerberg said a lot of nothing in his big speech

Facebook and YouTube will keep letting politicians say what they want if it’s “newsworthy”

Social media is the perfect petri dish for bias. The solution is for tech companies to slow us down.

Jack Dorsey’s hack encapsulates Twitter’s struggle with problematic content

After the El Paso and Gilroy shootings, tech leaders are saying platforms must stop amplifying hate speech

Cambridge Analytica made “ethical mistakes” because it was too focused on regulation, former COO says

Megan Rapinoe still isn’t going to the White House, even if Trump invites her

Will Reddit un-quarantine its biggest pro-Trump community? CEO Steve Huffman isn’t holding his breath.

Why 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang doesn’t want to break up Google

The bogus White House social media summit is basically a big troll

Journalist Carole Cadwalladr has a question for tech workers: Are you okay with your bosses enabling “techno-fascism”?

Why you have to keep logging in to read news on your phone

Twitter’s Kayvon Beykpour and Vijaya Gadde: the Code Conference interview

If the Senate won’t convict Trump, “Why is that bad for the Democrats?” asks the Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan

Twitter co-founder Ev Williams says social media will get better ... eventually

Former US Attorney Preet Bharara says good journalism may have undermined the Mueller report

Apple is the only media company rich enough to beat Netflix — but does it care enough to try?

Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter says AI should never have the “true autonomy” to kill

Sam Harris talks Islam, politics, Twitter, and Trump with Kara Swisher

NYU’s Scott Galloway explains the difference between the happiness you get from Chipotle and the happiness you get from love

A $5 billion fine from the FTC is huge — unless you’re Facebook

What’s up with Twitter’s follower counts, explained for everyone — including Trump

You’re going to die someday. WeCroak’s Hansa Bergwall says remembering that will make your life better.

Can Facebook be trusted to combat misinformation? Sri Lanka’s shutdown suggests no.

Facebook says it stored millions of Instagram passwords unencrypted on its servers

Twitter says it’s getting better at detecting abusive tweets without your help

Nancy Pelosi says Trump’s tweets “cheapened the presidency” — and the media encourages him

Everyone in TV news goes for outrage. That makes it “ripe for disruption,” says former CNN reporter Jessica Yellin

Here are all the new products Snap launched at its first partner conference

Snap is building an ad network to run ads inside other apps

Mark Zuckerberg wants you — and your government — to help him run Facebook

The US government says Facebook’s ad business creates housing discrimination

Full Q&A: Brat co-founder Rob Fishman on Recode Media

Pinterest is growing, but not as fast as Twitter or Snap were when they filed their IPOs

Facebook employees had access to private passwords for hundreds of millions of people

Facebook’s tremendous size was its greatest asset. Now it may be its biggest problem.