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Social Programs

Vox's home for examining the state of social security, Medicaid, Medicare, welfare, food stamps, and more.

We can still make a good economy much better

How states humiliate single parents who need government assistance

Senate Republicans threatened to burn a bill that would have helped veterans. Here’s why.

How America fails children

The Democratic plan to smash poverty for seniors and people with disabilities

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We can end America’s unemployment nightmare

The problem with our social safety net is clear. The solution is, too.

The future of the economy hinges on child care

Obama’s message to young people of color: “I want you to know that you matter”

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Chris Hughes wants another chance

The multimillionaire Facebook co-founder is the latest moneyed titan to turn philanthropist, and has even called for Facebook’s dismantling. Can he really make a difference?

Why so many people who need the government hate it

Study: Trump is scaring immigrant families away from food stamps

Why capitalism won’t survive without socialism

Paying disabled workers less than minimum wage is legal in the US. Alaska has now banned it.

How big data is helping states kick poor people off welfare 

The future of work is the low-wage health care job

Why a conservative health care wonk thinks the AHCA is indefensible

Report: Trump wants his son's wedding planner to oversee federal housing programs

To save the welfare state, liberals need a new narrative about personal responsibility

Here’s what you have to earn to be considered low-income in the US

How to prevent teen pregnancies? Start with a robotic pelvis.

Republicans are floating a tax reform plan that could threaten Social Security

Republicans are making the American Health Care Act even crueler to Medicaid recipients

I've served more than 15,000 Meals on Wheels. It's about way more than food.

Critics of the NEA often say its funding is welfare for rich, liberal elites. They're wrong.

Paul Ryan says he’s been “dreaming” of Medicaid cuts since he was “drinking out of kegs”

If Sean Spicer talked to someone on Medicaid, he’d probably find out they love it

Trump promised not to cut Medicaid. His health bill will cut $880 billion from it.

The Republican plan to slash Medicaid, explained

The evidence is clear: people with Medicaid are better off than those without

“It’s the right thing to do”: why GOP state legislators are fighting to expand Medicaid

Today in Obamacare: an interview with the Harvard researcher who found Medicaid saves lives

53% of Republicans don’t know repealing Obamacare repeals the Medicaid expansion

Today in Obamacare: the big hurdle to block-granting Medicaid — explained by a GOP legislator who wants to do it

Trump: I'll protect Social Security. Trump's budget director: Maybe not.

Donald Trump’s plan to cut Medicaid spending, explained

Republicans have a clear plan to cut Medicare — but they may not go through with it

Senate Democrats are spoiling for a Medicare fight they may not get

States are using welfare money to fund anti-abortion propaganda

The freedom lover's case for the welfare state

Lillie Harden was Bill Clinton’s welfare reform success story. Welfare reform failed her.

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