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Social Policy

Vox's coverage of social policy, from food stamps to paternity leave to gun control.

A Canadian study gave $7,500 to homeless people. Here’s how they spent it.

The Asian penalty in college admissions is still here — even without affirmative action

The impossible paradox of car ownership

Mifepristone is safe

Homeless encampments — and the debate over what to do about them — explained

Nobody knows what the point of homework is

How one man quietly stitched the American safety net over four decades

“She hardly goes out”: Racism is keeping many Asian Americans from going to the doctor

Pandemic-related hate crimes against Asian Americans have left many feeling unsafe in public. The consequences of missed health care will have lasting effects.

Health care in jails and prisons is terrible. The pandemic made it even worse.

How America fails children

What we owe to future generations

How Biden could expand paid family leave to more Americans

The hidden holes in America’s social safety net

Study: Smoking bans saved countless lives — could they have increased drunk driving?

The Proud Boys, explained

The great rebuild

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We can end America’s unemployment nightmare

The problem with our social safety net is clear. The solution is, too.

Young people are the new corps of engineers the US has been waiting for

The future of the economy hinges on child care

Why protesters have been banging pots and pans outside their windows

The ironic invisibility of the loudest man in America

How anxiety changes political behavior

There’s a conservative civil war raging — over porn

Bullshit jobs: why they exist and why you might have one

New York City adopts ranked-choice voting, a major milestone for the reform

He needed a gender-affirming procedure. The hospital said no.

The case for raising kids in the city

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Laboratories of Democracy

The Catch-22 for labor unions enjoying newfound public support

Why some anti-abortion conservatives think Alabama’s abortion law goes too far

FBI director: White nationalist violence is a “persistent, pervasive threat”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is abolishing the state’s death penalty

Want less poverty in the world? Empower women.

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Richard Rorty’s prescient warnings for the American left

Why the NRA is struggling

Denmark gives new fathers paid leave. Why do so few take it?

George H.W. Bush was a champion for people with disabilities

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The scary ideology behind Trump’s immigration instincts

“False flags,” explained

Mary Bono resigns as USA Gymnastics president

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