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Your Slack DMs aren’t as private as you think

Microsoft, Google, and Zoom are trying to keep up with demand for their now free work-from-home software

Why the government is investigating Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook for antitrust — but not Microsoft

How the tech unicorns of 2019 are doing on the stock market

Startups still love Slack but big companies are bailing

Microsoft might crush Slack like Facebook crushed Snapchat

If Slack is so good, why are so many companies trying to fix it? 

First Spotify, now Slack: Wall Street may be losing its iron grip on Silicon Valley

“Venture capital money kills more businesses than it helps,” says Basecamp CEO Jason Fried

The 2019 IPO class headlined by Uber will create a ton of new wealth. Will the billions go to mansions or missions?

Airbnb and Slack are considering untraditional IPOs that box out bankers like Spotify did

Uber, Pinterest and the rest of the 2019 IPO class emerged from the ashes of the Great Recession

For some underrepresented people in tech, life is getting better. For others, this is the ‘dark timeline.’

Slack’s new tool for developers lets people do more work without leaving Slack

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Slack is changing how people work — and it isn’t slowing down

SoftBank has chosen another flashy investment: Slack

Slack’s crusade against email just escalated — now you can share channels with other companies

Google needs Slack more than Amazon does

Slack is raising another $500 million — and has attracted interest from a range of big buyers like Amazon

Slack’s Leigh Honeywell is heading to the ACLU

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