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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley layoffs aren’t just a cost-cutting measure. They’re a culture reset.

The Elizabeth Holmes saga is far from over

Epic’s win over Apple is actually an Apple victory

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How the ultra-wealthy could try to cut in line for the Covid-19 vaccine

Tech billionaire Larry Ellison has moved to Hawaii

Silicon Valley megadonors unleash a last-minute, $100 million barrage of ads against Trump

Silicon Valley’s richest are getting richer just as the pandemic is getting worse

The billionaire founder of Netflix is giving $120 million to black colleges

Silicon Valley billionaires survived Elizabeth Warren. Now they have to deal with her supporters.

A Silicon Valley fundraiser for Joe Biden raised $4 million in one Zoom call

After George Floyd’s death, tech billionaires are wrestling with their responsibilities when it comes to race

The layoffs at Airbnb cast a dark shadow over Silicon Valley

One of America’s key voting rights groups plunged into chaos when it was needed most

These are the trade-offs we make when we depend on billionaires to save us

The pandemic could get Silicon Valley to do something it has rarely done: Give money to local charities

Tech billionaire Marc Benioff used to give millions to politicians. Then he bought Time magazine.

Silicon Valley asked Elizabeth Warren to help with a fundraiser. She said no — but only eventually.

The most important IPO for Silicon Valley in 2019 comes from Saudi Arabia

Barack Obama tells Silicon Valley’s leading donors to “chill out” over differences between candidates

Why a robot pizza startup could be worth $4 billion

Dopamine fasting is Silicon Valley’s hot new trend. Is it backed by science?

One of Peter Thiel’s venture capital firms has devolved into legal chaos

After a wild 8 years, Facebook’s former VP of communications is switching to venture capital investments

Silicon Valley billionaires keep getting richer no matter how much money they give away

Silicon Valley should take Josh Hawley’s big war on big tech seriously

The man who tried to disrupt Wall Street’s stranglehold on Silicon Valley is retiring

Silicon Valley is snubbing Saudi Arabia’s glitzy conference a year after the Khashoggi killing

Postmates’ new IPO delay says something bigger: Wall Street is turning against Silicon Valley

One of Peter Thiel’s closest aides might run for the US Senate

WeWork and Juul show that startup “valuations” can be totally meaningless

How WeWork’s “fiasco” could threaten Silicon Valley’s rich and powerful

The FBI is investigating a venture capital fund started by Peter Thiel for financial misconduct

A plan to fix inequality would target CEOs who make 100 times more than their employees

Can Joe Biden pull off a Barack Obama with Silicon Valley’s wealthiest donors?

America’s newest stock exchange wants to fix one of capitalism’s fundamental challenges

Facebook pays its interns nearly double what the typical American makes

SoftBank, the most powerful — and controversial — tech investor in Silicon Valley, explained

A Chinese billionaire’s Stanford bribe shows how the college admissions scandal makes both zero and complete sense