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Sexual harassment

The Epstein “list,” explained

Why the rape allegations against Diddy are coming to light now

On The Royal Hotel, Louis C.K., and burning it all down

The sexual assault allegations against Russell Brand, explained

Nearly 2,000 children were sexually abused in the Illinois Catholic Church

Another child sex abuse crisis rocks the Catholic Church

R. Kelly was convicted. Are we finally listening to Black women?

Why on earth is Biden’s DOJ backing Trump in a rape denial case?

Two more women accuse New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo faces new sexual harassment allegations

What Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest could mean for the Epstein case

Did Cards Against Humanity’s ironic humor mask a toxic culture all along?

“We are correcting the erasure of black lives”: What On the Record’s subjects say about Me Too

The Invisible Man gives a classic horror story new life in a fable about abusers

This stream has:

Harvey Weinstein verdict: Guilty on third-degree rape and criminal sexual act charges

Harvey Weinstein’s trial matters. Here are 4 resources to help make sense of it.

The Assistant is a movie about more than Harvey Weinstein. It’s about the system around him.

Dozens of Google employees say they were retaliated against for reporting harassment

Tech is “flunking” the diversity test, says activist and venture capitalist Freada Kapor Klein

Kathy Griffin says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey should resign and she wouldn’t let Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg into her house

Google employees are launching a social media blitz to pressure tech giants on workplace harassment issues

Google’s parent company is facing a lawsuit for its alleged mishandling of an explosive sexual misconduct case

Memo from a ‘Facebook nation’ to Mark Zuckerberg: You moved fast and broke our country.

After 20,000 workers walked out, Google said it got the message. The workers disagree.

Tech companies like Google are giving workers the right to take sexual harassment claims to court — but employees are calling for more

Google has responded to its employees’ demands about sexual misconduct. Here are the changes it will and won’t make.

Google’s giant employee walkouts are one of the strongest showings of tech worker activism yet

Swiping on Tinder is addictive. That’s partly because it was inspired by an experiment that ‘turned pigeons into gamblers.’

Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman explains why reviews with sexual harassment allegations don’t get removed

How Ken Auletta tried (and failed) to break the Harvey Weinstein story in 2002

A former Uber engineer is suing the company for discrimination and sexual harassment

Uber filed a motion to compel alleged sexual assault victims to settle some claims under arbitration

Following Uber’s lead, Lyft is also allowing alleged victims of sexual assault to pursue cases in open court

Ronan Farrow hints ‘there will be more to say’ about why NBC killed his Harvey Weinstein story

Full transcript: Hearst Magazines Chief Content Officer Joanna Coles on Recode Decode

Full transcript: New York Times reporter Emily Steel on Recode Media

Women alleging sexual assault by their Uber drivers want to see their day in court

Susan Fowler’s next act: Ending forced arbitration, which blocks workers from suing their employers

Full transcript: Outside Magazine Executive Editor Axie Navas on Recode Media

How relationship therapist Esther Perel would advise Melania Trump

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