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Self-driving Cars

Police have released the first video from inside the Uber self-driving car that killed a pedestrian

Some, but not all, self-driving car companies are pausing their tests after an Uber car killed a pedestrian

A self-driving Uber car has killed a pedestrian in Arizona

Alphabet’s Waymo is entering the self-driving trucks race with its first test in Atlanta

Uber’s self-driving trucks have been hired to deliver freight in Arizona

This is what it’s like to ride in a Waymo driverless van

Ford is setting up for an autonomous ride-hail and delivery business in Miami

Driverless cars can operate in California as early as April

A bill to put more self-driving cars on U.S. roads is stuck in the Senate

General Motors is asking the U.S. government to let it test cars without steering wheels in 2019

Uber is working with Toyota to create a vehicle and system that is built for ride-sharing

GM’s Cruise is launching self-driving pilots in cities because that’s where the money is

China ride-hail giant Didi Chuxing has raised $4 billion

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Chris Urmson is developing the brains for self-driving cars

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Kyle Vogt holds the keys to GM’s self-driving ambitions

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Stefan Heck’s little-known startup, Nauto, works to make cars safer today and self-driving tomorrow

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Dinesh Paliwal, the bridge between Detroit and Silicon Valley

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Waymo’s John Krafcik has the answers to your self-driving car questions

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Professor Amnon Shashua and Karl Iagnemma are riding the wave of exits in the self-driving space

GM’s self-driving division has hired a former top Uber engineer as its first CTO

Alphabet has secured another delay in its big trade-secrets trial against Uber

Why Uber and Volvo are working together: Everyone has to work with everyone to make self-driving work

Volvo has agreed to sell 24,000 SUVs to Uber for a network of self-driving cars

Alphabet is finally taking the driver out of some of its driverless cars

Alphabet has lost another trade secret claim in its lawsuit against Uber

Alphabet’s ‘driverless’ cars still aren’t driverless

Delphi is one of the first automotive suppliers to acquire a self-driving software startup

The super-secret Google X lab has hired its own lobbyists in the nation’s capital

Alphabet is leading a $1 billion round in Lyft that values the company at $11 billion

Self-driving Chevy Bolts will roam New York City streets next year

Alphabet is training law enforcement on how to handle self-driving car crashes

How Waymo is designing the self-driving car passenger experience to feel convenient and safe

How failed OS startup Cyanogen pivoted into self-driving construction equipment

Why GM is vertically integrating as it moves deeper into making self-driving cars

Driverless tech startup Nauto has hired execs from Microsoft and Alphabet

The U.S. Senate just took the next step to creating a national standard for testing and deploying self-driving cars

Most Americans expect cars to be driverless within 50 years — but still won’t ride in them

Why testing self-driving cars on the challenging roads of San Francisco is necessary

Alphabet successfully pushed back the trial date for its Uber lawsuit until Dec. 4

Anthony Levandowski held onto a trove of data on Alphabet’s technology even after he left the company

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