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Supreme Court

The latest developments on the United States Supreme Court.

Amy Coney Barrett appears likely to block the GOP’s latest attack on democracy

The deranged Supreme Court case that threatens US democracy, explained

The big stakes in the Supreme Court’s new LGBTQ rights case

A rogue Trump judge has thrown the Supreme Court in disarray

A Trump judge seized control of ICE, and the Supreme Court will decide whether to stop him

The Federalist Society controls the federal judiciary, so why can’t they stop whining?

The legal fight that could kill Biden’s student debt relief plan, explained

Medicaid appears likely to survive its latest encounter with the Supreme Court

The high stakes in a Supreme Court case about American Indian children

The nightmarish Supreme Court case that could gut Medicaid, explained

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7 governor’s races that are abortion battlegrounds

The Supreme Court discovers that ending affirmative action is hard

Affirmative action is facing its most difficult test

Lindsey Graham’s surprisingly complex Supreme Court case about Trump’s Big Lie, explained

What the Constitution actually says about race, explained

America’s Trumpiest court just declared an entire federal agency unconstitutional

The Supreme Court just shut down Trump’s last-ditch effort to sabotage the Mar-a-Lago investigation

The Supreme Court seems absolutely flummoxed by a high-stakes case about pigs

The Supreme Court is about to decide the fate of millions of pigs

Should California be allowed to raise the price of bacon in Florida?

A new Supreme Court case could fundamentally change the internet

The Supreme Court is likely to weaken, but not destroy, the ban on racial gerrymandering

The Supreme Court appears determined to shrink the Clean Water Act

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The states where the midterms will directly decide the future of abortion access

Alabama’s high-stakes Supreme Court fight over racial gerrymandering, explained

The Supreme Court case that’s likely to handcuff the Clean Water Act

The Supreme Court’s new term could be even more consequential than its last one

Trump’s defeat in the Mar-a-Lago “special master” case, explained

The profound pessimism of Clarence Thomas

Two Republican judges just let Texas seize control of Twitter and Facebook

The Supreme Court hands the religious right an unexpected loss. Don’t expect it to last.

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Lindsey Graham’s national abortion ban bill makes the midterm stakes very clear

The Supreme Court fight over whether religious schools can discriminate against LGBTQ people

DOJ warns judge that delaying the FBI’s Trump investigation is a national security risk

Why Trump’s FBI investigation could now be delayed for months or even years

Obamacare is under attack by Republican judges again. Here’s what’s at stake.

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Is post-Roe voter registration benefiting Democrats?

Why the DOJ won’t talk about its investigation of Donald Trump

How Republicans rigged Texas’s federal courts against Biden

What we know, and don’t know, about the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump