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Supreme Court

The latest developments on the United States Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court breaks with Trump on January 6

It was a great day in the Supreme Court for the bribery of lawmakers

The Christian right brings a Supreme Court case it actually deserves to win

The Supreme Court can’t get its story straight on vaccines

The Supreme Court takes up a case, brought by Ted Cruz, that could legalize bribery

The Supreme Court appears ready to slash Biden’s vaccine mandate for workers

The Supreme Court could hand down another major attack on Roe v. Wade any day now

The stakes in the Supreme Court’s vaccine cases are even bigger than they seem

A partisan judge just gave Navy SEALs permission to defy a direct order

22 predictions we made in 2021, and the 13 we got right

Just how much is Trump’s judiciary sabotaging the Biden presidency?

The Supreme Court showdown over Biden’s vaccine policies, explained

Trump wants the courts to help him sabotage the January 6 investigation

The one good thing that could come from Gavin Newsom trolling the Supreme Court

Don’t be fooled: The Supreme Court’s Texas abortion decision is a big defeat for Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court appears really eager to force taxpayers to fund religious education

Why adoption isn’t a replacement for abortion rights

The hideous legal obstacles facing DOJ’s new anti-gerrymandering lawsuit in Texas

The religious right wants states’ tax dollars, and the Supreme Court is likely to agree

It sure sounds like Roe v. Wade is doomed

How the Supreme Court could overrule Roe v. Wade without overruling Roe v. Wade

The Federalist Society’s newest enemy: Corporate America

The Supreme Court finally figures out that religious liberty cases are hard

The lawsuits attacking Biden’s workplace vaccine mandate, explained

The Supreme Court must decide if it loves religious liberty more than the death penalty

The surprisingly high stakes in a Supreme Court case about $28,000

The NRA had a very good day in the Supreme Court

A new Supreme Court case could gut the government’s power to fight climate change

An unusual alliance appears likely to fracture Texas’s abortion ban

The Supreme Court decides the religious right asked for too much

The Supreme Court case that could gut America’s gun laws, explained

The Supreme Court’s very unusual new abortion orders, explained

The future of vaccine mandates will likely come down to Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett

The Supreme Court floats a startling expansion to police immunity from the law

Texas’s anti-abortion law is back at SCOTUS. Here’s what’s different this time around.

The Supreme Court takes a lie detector test

The Supreme Court confronts the CIA’s worst-kept secret

The nihilism of Neil Gorsuch

9 high-stakes issues SCOTUS will take up this term

The Supreme Court is drunk on its own power

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