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Supreme Court

The latest developments on the United States Supreme Court.

The lawsuit that threatens everything from cancer screenings to birth control, explained

Heartbreaking: The worst Supreme Court justice you know just made a great point

Thanks, Obama! The hilarious reason why a judge just blocked Wyoming’s abortion ban.

The Supreme Court ponders a surprisingly difficult case about poop jokes

Will anybody stop that Trump judge from banning abortion pills?

A new Supreme Court case could be the most important transgender rights decision ever

No one knows when it is legal to perform medically necessary abortions in Texas

Ron DeSantis’s plan to strip First Amendment rights from the press, explained

The Supreme Court signals that a terrifying attack on voting rights will vanish — for now

You probably won’t get any student loan relief, thanks to a GOP-controlled Supreme Court

The Supreme Court will decide if a whole federal agency is unconstitutional

Texas asks a Trump judge to declare most of the federal government unconstitutional

Section 230, the internet law the Supreme Court could change, explained

The Supreme Court is befuddled by whether Twitter is liable for ISIS’s terrorism

The racist idea that changed American education

The Supreme Court appears worried it could break the internet

A top Senate Democrat has an extraordinarily radical plan to deal with Trump’s worst judge

A new Supreme Court decision leaves a Trump judge in charge of the Mexican border

The Supreme Court hears two cases that could ruin the internet

Republicans can choose the judge who hears their lawsuits. DOJ wants to stop that.

The Supreme Court showdown over Biden’s student debt relief program, explained

A federal judge mocks the Supreme Court on abortion

It’s now legal for domestic abusers to own a gun in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi

Ron DeSantis wants to make it much easier for the government to kill people

Trump’s worst judge is now a dangerous threat to press freedom

Cat Person, Brett Kavanaugh, Fair Play, and the anger of entitled men

The coming legal showdown over abortion pills

A new Supreme Court case could turn every workplace into a religious battleground

Ron DeSantis’s war on “wokeness” is a war against the First Amendment

The legal loophole that could arm mass shooters with makeshift automatic rifles

The Supreme Court hears a case this week that endangers workers’ ability to strike

How New York’s governor turned a chance to reshape the courts into a debacle

The Supreme Court is manipulating its own calendar to lock GOP policies in place

The Trumpiest court in America

Sotomayor and Kagan need to think about retiring

America’s Trumpiest court doesn’t care if your right to a fair trial was violated

How an obscure Christian right activist became one of the most powerful men in America

A notorious Trump judge just fired the first shot against birth control

Amy Coney Barrett appears likely to block the GOP’s latest attack on democracy

The deranged Supreme Court case that threatens US democracy, explained