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News and updates from the science team. Topics include genetics, infectious disease, psychology, and more.

Climate disasters will happen everywhere, anytime

Wildfires are coming... for New Jersey?

How cars ruin wild animals’ lives

How rescuers find survivors after deadly earthquakes

Covid is on the rise again, but it’s different now

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What if AI treats humans the way we treat animals?

How sharks avoid the wrath of an extreme hurricane

There’s been a shift in how we think about climate change

How Louisiana — one of the nation’s wettest states — caught on fire

The US has new Covid-19 variants on the rise. Meet Eris and Fornax.

Why Hurricane Idalia is so dangerous, explained in 7 maps

AI-discovered drugs will be for sale sooner than you think

A new international space race is on — and it could junk up our pristine moon

The human feet that routinely wash ashore in the Pacific Northwest, explained

Runners can be disqualified for starting after the gun. What gives?

A disgraced Harvard professor sued them for millions. Their recourse: GoFundMe.

Hurricane Hilary soaked an already wet California. Is the drought over?

Meditation is more than either stress relief or enlightenment

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What we know about the wildfires in Hawaii

Hawaii could burn again. How can the government prepare?

9 things everyone should know about Maui’s wildfire disaster

How Maui’s wildfires became so apocalyptic

What’s going on with your lightbulbs?

How should we remember Trinity Site, where the first nuclear bomb was tested?

A buzzy new study on heartburn meds and dementia doesn’t actually clarify anything

This strange hurricane season may take a turn for the worse

The weight loss drug Wegovy reduces serious heart disease

Is it defamation to point out scientific research fraud?

Half the world is at risk of dengue. Why is there no universal way to prevent it?

New York’s shark-infested waters are a good thing. Yes, really.

How the pandemic messed with our perception of time

The vital importance of a new pill for postpartum depression

Why a “room-temperature superconductor” would be a huge deal

11 unexplainable animal mysteries

Using AI, scientists bring Neanderthal antibiotics back from extinction

Why the mosquito that spreads West Nile virus is becoming resistant to insecticides

What can caged lab monkeys tell us about free human beings?

This tick’s spit can make you allergic to meat

This beetle’s sex is on fire. Literally.

The ingenious tricks animals use to survive wildfires