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Science & Health

News and updates from the health and science team. Topics include genetics, infectious disease, psychology, and more.

How to deal with (even more) Covid uncertainty

My year of smells

The father of environmental justice, on whether we’re all doomed

What we don’t know about OCD

When should I get a Covid-19 test? Here’s a simple guide.

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The ocean’s rarest mammal has a few final lessons to teach us

A tiny porpoise called the vaquita has polarized a Mexican fishing town. The species is fighting for its life.

Elon Musk’s imaginary world

The US needs a clear Covid-19 goal now more than ever

Long hours make bad neighbors

NASA gave Jeff Bezos money to build his office park in space

The futuristic plan to fix America’s power grid

To catch variants like omicron, the world needs to sequence way more virus genes

How the faltering global vaccination effort paved the way for alarming variants

Venus could have been a paradise but turned into a hellscape. Earthlings, pay attention.

Psychiatrists are uncovering connections between viruses and mental health. They’re surprising.

Did you (or your dog) eat a suspicious mushroom? These very online mycologists want to help.

At-home Covid-19 tests are getting better. Experts say: Stock up for winter.

Two confusing questions about Covid-19 boosters, answered

One of the billionaire scientists behind the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine on what’s next

How technology has inspired neuroscientists to reimagine the brain

The space debris problem is getting dangerous

What the world did and didn’t accomplish at COP26

How a simple solution slashed child mortality in rural Kenyan villages

The big questions about Covid-19 booster shots

Rich countries still don’t want to pay their climate change tab

5 things to know about the big climate conference in Glasgow

Why are rich countries still monopolizing Covid-19 vaccines?

The case for mandating Covid-19 vaccines for kids

It’s time to freak out about methane emissions

The complicated promise of Amazon’s space internet

The curious case of the ancient whale bones

Covid-19 vaccines for young kids are a big step toward a new normal

Biden’s $27 billion bet on forests

The fate of the planet will be negotiated in Glasgow

Are “net-zero” climate targets just hot air?

What the oil industry still won’t tell us

Is it okay to harvest pig kidneys to save human lives?

Biden’s Plan B for the climate crisis, explained

Playdates are ruining all the fun

How biological detective work can reveal who engineered a virus

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