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“So mad I could spit”: a former disaster relief official on Trump’s response to Puerto Rico

He described the Trump administration’s response as “malpractice.”

The Washington Post has a new report out breaking down the response by President Donald Trump’s administration to the ongoing crisis in Puerto Rico.

Now a former foreign disaster assistance chief under President Barack Obama, who said he was trying “to be balanced” regarding Trump’s handling of the situation because he knows “how hard this stuff is,” said that the report has finally made him snap — “so mad I could spit.”

Jeremy Konyndyk, who now works for the Center for Global Development, calls the Trump administration’s response disaster management “malpractice.” Here are his tweets breaking down the report:

In short, the Trump administration squandered the early days of the response — and has done little to rectify the situation in the aftermath. That’s led to a truly catastrophic humanitarian crisis that one official at the Army Corps of Engineers said is comparable to the Iraq War in 2003.

Meanwhile, Trump has responded to the negative reviews by starting a Twitter feud with San Juan’s mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz.