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How much snow did Winter Storm Stella drop in your area?

Use our map to find out.

National Snowfall Analysis update today at 9 am.
Source: National Weather Service. Credit: Soo Oh / Vox

Winter Storm Stella battered the East Coast overnight, dropping more than a foot of snow in some parts of the Northeast by this morning, according to the National Weather Service. The storm also blanketed parts of the Midwest and Plains, with an average of 8 inches of snow accumulation near Milwaukee.

We created a map using the NWS’s National Snowfall Analysis to visualize the average snow accumulation in the contiguous United States. The map will update throughout the day as the analysis updates. Check out your location here.

The analysis shows an estimated average of 24 hours of snow accumulation in a given area around 6 square miles that includes data points from around 95 miles of that area — about the distance from Philadelphia to New York City. Measurements are taken around 8 am local time during daylight saving, and the analysis updates twice an hour as results come in.

Because the analysis deals with averages, the snow totals on the map might not match up with the depth of snow you observe in your backyard or front porch. That snow could have been affected by melting, compression, or drift. Similarly, the map won’t typically show areas with as much snow accumulation as the highest reported measurements from individual stations.

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