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Election Day is super stressful. This live stream of puffins should help.

Plus five other animal streams to deal with Election Day anxiety.

Brian Resnick is Vox’s science and health editor, and is the co-creator of Unexplainable, Vox's podcast about unanswered questions in science. Previously, Brian was a reporter at Vox and at National Journal.

This election has a great many Americans on edge. Vox’s Election Day emotion tracker indicates many of our readers are feeling anxious or distressed. And no wonder. This election has been a long, painful slog, and even in its final hours, divisiveness and tension reign.

Anecdotally, psychotherapists across the country are reporting higher-than-average stress and fear among patients. Surveys reflect it too: The majority of Americans are stressed the heck out about the election.

In short, America feels like Tian Tian on a particularly snowy day at the National Zoo: overwhelmed.

Tian Tian gets it.

Enough of election stress. Watch these animal videos instead.

We hear you. We also know that studies find that images of nature help relieve stress. (Hillary Clinton herself has touted the benefits of looking at cat GIFs.)

So here’s a brief selection of animal videos that are currently being streamed, some especially for the election.

Red pandas lazing around at the San Francisco Zoo

Have you ever seen a red panda? They’re incredibly endearing. Proof:

Earlier today, the San Francisco Zoo streamed its red pandas for an hour.

“Let’s all take a break from political coverage today and enjoy a peaceful respite with these non-partisan red pandas streamed live from the San Francisco Zoo,” the zoo announced. “We’ve earned it.”

The pandas mostly mope around, disheartened that their species has no representation in Congress. You can watch the replay here.

Polar bears stalking the tundra is currently live-streaming its tundra buggy cam, which is scouting for polar bears in Wapusk National Park in Manitoba, Canada. If you rewind the video, you’ll see that many of the park’s bears have been sleeping throughout the day, probably dreaming of a future wherein climate change is actually discussed as an issue in presidential elections.

Fruit bats just hanging

Fruit bat might scare you, but these bats are super chill, hanging upside down in a cage, totally not worried if a Donald Trump Southern border wall will interfere with animal migrations.

Classic animal streaming: kittens being kittens

Caroline's Kids Kitty Cat Sanctuary Kitchen is live-streaming its cat kitchen. The description of the video reads, “This is their home and we are the visitors to their home.” Okay, I believe you.

Cats are the most apolitical of all pets. Envy their indifference over whether the media is to blame for the rise of Trump.

Goats scratching their own backs with their horns

This is a live stream of goats chilling in a pen in Florida. They’re tired of discussing whether the Latino vote is going to tip the state blue.


The best animal. Need I say more?