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Introducing a Vox community for Obamacare enrollees

A few days after the election, I sent out a tweet with a request: I wanted to talk to people who relied on Obamacare coverage who were worried about what repeal could mean for them.

Within 48 hours, I received 289 responses.

They came from all over the country — and made it clear that there is a large group of Americans who, right now, aren’t really sure what happens next for their health coverage. They were all wondering: What’s next?

I’ll be writing a lot about the fight over Obamacare in the coming weeks. I’ve already started covering the Republican replacement plans in depth, interviewing senators about what they want to do differently.

But what happens in Washington is only part of the story. The rest of the story is outside the Beltway, and is about how the lives of those who rely on the Affordable Care Act will change based on what legislators ultimately decide.

Today we’re launching a Facebook group for those people to talk about their shared experience. We want this to be a place where Vox readers in this situation can share their stories. From time to time, we’ll ask this group questions about their experiences — some of which might lead to stories. But we mostly want to build this space as a way to serve our readers, and see what can happen when they have a safe and non-biased space for discussion and community.

If you’d like to request to join the community, use this link.

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