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News and updates from the health and science team. Topics include genetics, infectious disease, psychology, and more.

The lessons from historic preservation councils blocking solar panels

The evidence on travel bans for diseases like coronavirus is clear: They don’t work

Marijuana legalization is about to have a huge year

8 things everyone should know about Australia’s wildfire disaster

Average body temperature appears to be dropping. Researchers aren’t sure why. 

Why millennials are the “death positive” generation

Wuhan pneumonia outbreak: What we know and don’t know

Netflix’s The Goop Lab pushes flimsy wellness trends. But it’s strong on vulvas.

The alarming trend of beached whales filled with plastic, explained

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Methadone can help people beat opioid addiction — if they can afford it

"I’m on a hamster wheel of trying to figure out how to pay this price. It just never ends."

Australia’s weird weather is getting even weirder

New research shows what AI can teach us about the human brain

The hottest new thing in sustainable building is, uh, wood

The historically low birthrate, explained in 3 charts

The number of US alcohol deaths per year has doubled since 1999

Capitalism is turning us into addicts

Can the catastrophic fires bring some sanity to Australian climate politics?

Study links Medicaid expansion to 6 percent reduction in opioid overdose deaths

The night sky is increasingly dystopian

Gwyneth Paltrow is straight-up trolling her critics now

An Australian ecologist explains just how bad the fires are for wildlife

Are we morally obligated to meditate?

Trump is taking credit for the decades-old decline in cancer deaths

The rise in meth and cocaine overdoses, explained

How to build a circular economy that recycles carbon

Boomers: You can still be heroes in the story of climate change

A staggering 1 billion animals are now estimated dead in Australia’s fires

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Finally, really good advice on how to stop killing your houseplants

Instagram plantfluencers aren’t the only ones who can keep monstera and snake plants lush and green.

There’s a new, mysterious pneumonia outbreak in China

Australia’s hellish heat wave and wildfires, explained

What Australia’s devastating fires look like on the ground

The hidden calories in your booze, explained

The sad truth about our boldest climate target

AI can now outperform doctors at detecting breast cancer. Here’s why it won’t replace them.

Processed foods are a much bigger health problem than we thought

Why willpower is overrated

California now requires solar panels on all new homes. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

Why small talk is so excruciating

The keto moment

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1,000 people sent me their addiction treatment stories. Here’s what I learned.

Here are four reasons America’s addiction treatment system is broken.