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News and updates from the health and science team. Topics include genetics, infectious disease, psychology, and more.

Vaping appears to be making hundreds of people sick. Doctors have no idea why.

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The mind, explained

A guide to help you better understand your brain.

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Trump’s cracking down on flavored vapes — but leaving flavored cigarettes on the market

The maker of OxyContin will reportedly pay billions to settle opioid epidemic lawsuits

The thousands of lawsuits against opioid companies, explained

Cars dominate cities today. Barcelona has set out to change that.

4 things everyone should know about the hurricane disaster in the Bahamas

America is in danger of losing its “measles-free” status

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26 feet of water: What the worst-case hurricane scenario looks like for Tampa Bay

We’re not prepared for the hurricanes that hit today. In the future, they’ll be worse.

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How the Democratic presidential candidates would combat the opioid epidemic

Good news: We can totally beat malaria by 2050

This is a worst-possible wildfire scenario for Southern California

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122 degrees for days: the looming Phoenix heat wave that could harm thousands

How climate change could bring the Katrina of extreme heat to Arizona.

Hurricane Dorian gains strength again as it heads toward Canada

A beginner’s guide to the debate over nuclear power and climate change

Hurricane Dorian photos: the aftermath of a Category 5 storm

Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube are cracking down on fake vaccine news

Hurricane Dorian is a Category 3 “major hurricane” just off the coast of the Carolinas

Trump exaggerated the path of Hurricane Dorian — with a marker

We are getting two climate town halls after all. Here are 10 questions to ask candidates.

Hurricane Dorian is moving “dangerously close” to Florida, Georgia, South Carolina

Pulling CO2 out of the air and using it could be a trillion-dollar business

The disturbing hypothesis for the sudden uptick in chronic kidney disease

Hurricane Dorian: Grand Bahama Island was flooded with 20 feet of water

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Vox is investigating America’s addiction treatment system. Help us by sharing your stories.

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She spent more than $110,000 on drug rehab. Her son still died.

Vox is investigating addiction treatment in America. Here’s our first story.

Hurricane Dorian is a dangerous Category 5 hurricane — pummeling the Bahamas and heading toward Florida

Hurricane Dorian is gaining strength — and heading toward Florida

Many businesses oppose Trump’s deregulatory agenda. Here’s why.

9 questions about marijuana legalization you were too embarrassed to ask

Brain-reading tech is coming. The law is not ready to protect us.

Why it’s been so lucrative to destroy the Amazon rainforest

Fracking may be a bigger climate problem than we thought

How America’s opioid epidemic could get even worse

Puerto Rico’s first major storm since Hurricane Maria is approaching

Female scientists are up against a lot of unconscious bias. Here’s how to fight it.

Tropical Storm Dorian: what we know about its path and its impact on Puerto Rico

We admire these do-gooders. We just don’t want to date them.

Judge orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $570 million for role in Oklahoma’s opioid epidemic

When and where fall foliage colors will peak, in one map