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Science & Health

News and updates from the health and science team. Topics include genetics, infectious disease, psychology, and more.

Airlines are trying to resurrect the Concorde era

Anal and oral sex spread monkeypox. Let’s talk about it.

We talk about heat waves in a weird way

The ovarian “biological clock” and other reproductive health metaphors that have led science astray

4 underrated parts of the Inflation Reduction Act

The US finally has a law to tackle climate change

Hidden inside the Inflation Reduction Act: $20 billion to help fix our farms

The Inflation Reduction Act, explained

How the Western drought is pushing the power grid to the brink

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A worldwide monkeypox outbreak

New York’s polio crisis, explained

Fight climate change. End fossilflation. Here’s how.

The US monkeypox response is failing queer men

Listen to the heartbeat of the largest animal to have ever lived

The search for an AC that doesn’t destroy the planet

Where climate change has brought too much water — and too little

7 of your most pressing monkeypox vaccine questions, answered

Meanwhile, Congress is set to pass a huge wildlife conservation bill with bipartisan support

Should you get another Covid-19 vaccine booster now or wait for the new shots?

Did shark attacks eat into Woodrow Wilson’s votes in 1916?

The US could stop one cause of heat wave deaths tomorrow

Senate Republicans threatened to burn a bill that would have helped veterans. Here’s why.

President Biden has rebound Covid. How risky is that?

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Why scientists are desperate to find a salamander that’s been missing for 71 years

More than 2,000 species worldwide are considered lost. Could finding them avert extinctions?

The smallpox vaccine stockpile isn’t the monkeypox solution we need — yet

The key to universal Covid-19 vaccines lies in your bones

Why Russia is abandoning the International Space Station

We’ve all got Covid-19 fatigue, but BA.5 shows it’s not over

What keeping secrets does to you

Why the WHO finally declared monkeypox a global public health emergency

Beavers are heat wave heroes

Europe’s gas crisis is here

Congress failed on climate. What can Biden do now?

Why the new James Webb Space Telescope images are such a big deal

It’s so hot in Europe that roads are literally buckling

Europe is burning like it’s 2052

The return of the “worm wars”

BA.5 doesn’t care that you just had Covid-19

Why BA.5 is cause for concern, but not alarm. Yet.

A needed nuclear option for climate change