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Science & Health

News and updates from the health and science team. Topics include genetics, infectious disease, psychology, and more.

Earth’s seasons, explained in one GIF

New York will expand marijuana decriminalization but falls short of legalization

Frank Luntz vs. Grover Norquist: the GOP’s climate change dilemma in a nutshell

The summer solstice is here: 9 things to know about the longest day of the year

New York just passed the most ambitious climate target in the country

The Sacklers helped cause the opioid epidemic. They’re still making excuses for it.

Trump’s EPA just replaced Obama’s signature climate policy with a much weaker rule

Fake autism treatments show the lengths parents will go to “cure” their kids

Millions of Americans take vitamin D. Most should just stop.

Religion and vaccine refusal are linked. We have to talk about it.


Astronauts left poop on the moon. We should go get it.

The global transition to clean energy, explained in 12 charts

Hyped-up science is a problem. One clever Twitter account is pushing back.

4 maps that show who’s being left behind in America’s wind-power boom

NIH Director Francis Collins: I won’t go on another all-male panel

The hasty plan to get Americans back on the moon by 2024, explained

The second-largest Ebola outbreak is spreading. The WHO says it’s not yet a global emergency.

Why the Democratic Party doesn’t want a presidential debate about climate change

I’ve talked to dozens of parents about why they don’t vaccinate. Here’s what they told me.

Jessica Biel’s dangerous lobbying against a California vaccination bill, explained

Ebola just spread into Uganda. It may soon become an emergency.

Trump claims California officials admitted he was “right” about wildfires. That didn’t happen.

Can medical marijuana help combat the opioid epidemic? Maybe not, new study finds.

The severe floods soaking the Midwest and Southeast are not letting up

Hyped-up science erodes trust. Here’s how researchers can fight back.

Processed foods are a much bigger health problem than we thought

Russia and China are waging a “shadow war” against the US, and the battlefields will be AI and space, CNN’s Jim Sciutto says

Jupiter at opposition: Tonight is the best night of the year to look at the gas giant

The war to free science

Trump: Mars is part of the moon. Say what now?

These senators are going after the biggest climate villains in Washington

“Pig Ebola” is spreading uncontrollably in China and Vietnam

Breathing dirty air takes years off people’s lives. This tool shows just how much.

Oregon is poised to set a cap on greenhouse gas emissions. That’s a huge deal.

Vaccines that don’t need refrigeration could save a ton of lives

I work in the environmental movement. I don’t care if you recycle.

The new American religion of UFOs


The race to save endangered foods

This one weird trick can help any state or city pass clean energy policy

Most people are bad at arguing. These 2 techniques will make you better.