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How 3.4 million chickens drowned in Hurricane Florence

As “dieting” becomes more taboo, Weight Watchers is changing its name

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It’s time to rethink how much booze may be too much

Europe has a plan to force academic publishers to make research free to read

Measles cases have hit a record high in Europe. Blame austerity.

The waiting list for organ transplants is finally shrinking — for a grim reason

The fall equinox is Saturday: 8 things to know about the first day of autumn

We now have a dollar value for one of oil’s biggest subsidies

This is what happens to your body when an airplane cabin isn’t pressurized

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Is there a humane way to boil lobsters alive? One woman thinks it’s by getting them high.

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Needles in strawberries, cyanide in Tylenol: the long history of product tampering

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FDA: we might have to ban some e-cigarettes to stop teens from vaping

A top Cornell food researcher has had 13 studies retracted. That’s a lot.

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A life insurance company wants to track your fitness data

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Human memory is flawed. That doesn’t mean Christine Blasey Ford is wrong.

Our memories are imperfect, but that doesn’t mean "the past is unknowable."

4 ways Hurricane Maria changed Puerto Rico — and the rest of America

When and where fall foliage colors will peak, in one map

A tiny, beleaguered government agency seeks an energy holy grail: long-term energy storage

What’s wrong with the “just a teen” Kavanaugh defense, according to a psychologist

Hurricane Florence’s floods caused severe property damage. Here’s a solution.

More than ever, our clothes are made of plastic. Just washing them can pollute the oceans.

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Elon Musk’s first moon tourist, explained

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Photos: what Hurricane Florence’s destruction looks like on the ground

Watch: Elon Musk reveals Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire, will fly to the moon

2,000 US kids go to the emergency room every year because of baby walkers

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The “natural” beauty industry is on the rise because we’re scared of chemicals

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Millions take aspirin to prevent heart disease and cancer. Turns out that’s risky.

Photos: Typhoon Mangkhut ravages Philippines, Hong Kong, and southern China

Sperm counts are falling. This isn’t the reproductive apocalypse — yet.

Hurricane Florence catastrophic flooding, rescues, and deaths: what we know

Utilities have a problem: the public wants 100% renewable energy, and quick

FEMA is testing a new “presidential alerts” system that sends messages to your phone

Trump restates Puerto Rico death toll conspiracy

What we know about the death toll in Puerto Rico

“Vampire facials” are massively popular. And — surprise! — potentially dangerous.

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Why hurricanes are expected to dump more rain in a warming world

FEMA has radically underestimated how vulnerable Americans are to flooding

Why some people never evacuate during a hurricane, according to a psychologist

What bison in South Dakota can teach us about fighting climate change

Hurricane Florence: the danger of storm surge, explained

There are solutions to the opioid epidemic. Here’s how you convince people to support them.

2 gonzo ideas for slowing down a hurricane that might actually work