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The chip shortage is getting worse

Apple is going to sell its Apple TV service on Samsung TVs, because Apple wants to be a service company

How worried should I be about the Spectre and Meltdown security flaws?

The model for recycling our old smartphones is actually causing massive pollution

Smartphones are getting more expensive around the world

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Which Android phone should I buy?

Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted from his Android phone in two months

Mossberg: The Samsung Galaxy S8 squeezes more into less

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With its Galaxy S8, Samsung is building a powerful platform without an OS

Is it safe to buy Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 phone?

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 shows Apple is behind the smartphone design trend

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Is a Chromebook the right computer for me?

If Samsung wants to launch a Galaxy Note 8 in 2017, it had better start buttering up its customers

Samsung says two separate battery issues were to blame for all of its Galaxy Note 7 problems

Siri creator Dag Kittlaus went in for a simple exam and found a pancreatic tumor

Samsung says it is nearly ready to detail what went wrong with the Galaxy Note 7

Mossberg: In tech, form too often trumps function

In its new Apple v. Samsung ruling, the Supreme Court has changed how patent damages are calculated

Samsung is buying back shares, but can it buy back its reputation?

Full transcript: Recode and The Verge explain Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle

Samsung is going to nag the 15 percent of U.S. Galaxy Note 7 owners who still haven’t turned in their phones

Cash incentives are helping keep Galaxy Note 7 customers in the Samsung family

Stephen Colbert demonstrates how to safely return a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy 7 fiasco may have begun with a tiny mistake on the assembly line

You can now be fined or prosecuted for bringing a Samsung Note 7 on a plane

What happens to Samsung after the Note 7 disaster?

The death of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 leaves lots of unanswered questions

Samsung is telling everyone to power down their Galaxy Note 7s

The Galaxy Note 7 is dead. Samsung now has to save its reputation.

The U.S. Supreme Court will weigh in on the value of design patents in the Apple-Samsung hearing Tuesday

Samsung is halting production of its Galaxy Note 7

Samsung needs to face reality: The Galaxy Note 7 is done for

AT&T and T-Mobile have halted all Samsung Note 7 distribution amid more reports of ‘safe’ models igniting

Samsung is buying the Siri team's new startup to have a future in AI 

The feds are now looking into the replacement Galaxy Note 7 after one ignited on a plane

A replacement Galaxy Note 7 ignited aboard an airplane

Samsung will start warning people every time they charge or turn on their recalled Galaxy Note 7