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Russian invasion of Ukraine

News and analysis on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Europe’s first major war in decades.

What comes next in Ukraine’s fight against Russia

Putin’s desperate attempt to annex parts of Ukraine

The Nord Stream pipeline sabotage, explained

39 years ago today, one man saved us from world-ending nuclear war

Russia’s mobilization won’t fix its military problems

The West is testing out a lot of shiny new military tech in Ukraine

Russians believe they can win the war. Here are 3 reasons why.

Here’s what we know about the state of Russia’s military

Can Europe keep supplying Ukraine with weapons?


How Ukraine got the upper hand against Russia

Ukraine’s surprising counteroffensive forces Russian troops to flee

What can the IAEA do in Zaporizhzhia?

Should Russian tourists be held responsible for Putin’s war?

Six months in, how are sanctions impacting Russia’s economy?

How do we know who’s winning in Ukraine?

Everything we actually know about the Moscow car bombing

Russia is playing a dangerous game with Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia power plant

What could a nuclear war do to the climate — and humanity?

The attack on a prison holding Ukraine POWs, explained

What think tank drama tells us about the US response to Russia’s war

Why Russia is abandoning the International Space Station

Europe’s gas crisis is here

A needed nuclear option for climate change

Inside Ukraine’s lobbying blitz in Washington

What Biden wants to achieve in Europe — and whether he’ll get it

Russia’s territory in Europe is the latest source of Ukraine war tensions

Ukraine and the problem of “futurelessness”

Why grain can’t get out of Ukraine

How the US is failing refugees, in one chart

Why some countries don’t want to pick a side in Russia’s war in Ukraine

How Ukraine’s new weapons reflect a very different battlefield

100 days in, Russia’s war is now a brutal offensive in eastern Ukraine

The pollution from Russia’s war will poison Ukraine for decades

The US just deepened its commitment to Ukraine by $40 billion

What Mariupol’s fall means for Russia — and Ukraine

The staggering amount of US military aid to Ukraine, explained in one chart

The new Russian offensive in Ukraine isn’t going much better than the previous one

Could the Ukraine war spill over into Moldova?

The Biden experts waging war without weapons

The EU can’t quite get it together on a Russian oil embargo