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Russian invasion of Ukraine

News and analysis on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Europe’s first major war in decades.

A harrowing film exposes the brutality of Russia’s war in Ukraine

Poland’s democracy is on the brink. Can these elections save it?

The West’s united pro-Ukraine front is showing cracks

Congress avoided a shutdown. What happens now?

40 years ago today, one man saved us from world-ending nuclear war

Governments once imagined a future without extreme poverty. What happened?

Why Volodymyr Zelenskyy had to go to Washington

What a defense ministry shake-up may say about Ukraine’s corruption problem

What Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un’s meeting might bring

Are the US and Ukraine at odds over the counteroffensive?

What went wrong in Ukraine’s counteroffensive

What’s up with all these drones hitting Moscow?

How bad will things get now that Russia has quit its grain deal with Ukraine?

What Ukraine did — and didn’t — get from the NATO summit

Biden’s Eurotrip, briefly explained

The US’s controversial decision to send cluster munitions to Ukraine, explained

Wagner’s real money never came from diamonds and gold

What the Wagner rebellion might mean for Russia’s war in Ukraine

Prigozhin said he was just being a patriot. Do Russians agree?

What’s going on with Vladimir Putin after the mutiny?

Aleksandr Lukashenko, the dictator who took credit for ending Wagner’s mutiny, explained

Russia’s wild weekend and the Wagner group’s march to Moscow, explained

Prigozhin’s coup attempt unleashes chaos on Russia

A guide to understanding the Ukrainian counteroffensive

Why the Ukraine dam destruction is a massive disaster — now and in the future

Can the West keep supplying Ukraine with enough artillery?

Why we need a Memorial Day for civilian victims of war

The potential fallout from drone attacks in Moscow

The longest battle of the Ukraine war might finally be over

How Ukraine is trying to woo the Global South — and why it’s so hard

How Russia’s invasion transformed one Ukrainian city

So what’s the deal with Ukraine’s spring offensive?

The ongoing scandal over leaked US intel documents, explained

The first US journalist was just arrested in Russia since the Cold War

What US weapons tell us about the Russia-Ukraine war


How Western weapons transformed the war in Ukraine

Putin and Xi’s big Moscow meeting, briefly explained

The ICC issued a warrant for war crimes in Ukraine. It came right for Putin.

A Russian aircraft collided with a US drone. It’s a reminder of the Ukraine war risks.

A Ukrainian city is on the verge of falling to Russia