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Russian invasion of Ukraine

News and analysis on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Europe’s first major war in decades.

The potential fallout from drone attacks in Moscow

The longest battle of the Ukraine war might finally be over

How Ukraine is trying to woo the Global South — and why it’s so hard

How Russia’s invasion transformed one Ukrainian city

So what’s the deal with Ukraine’s spring offensive?

The ongoing scandal over leaked US intel documents, explained

The first US journalist was just arrested in Russia since the Cold War

What US weapons tell us about the Russia-Ukraine war


How Western weapons transformed the war in Ukraine

Putin and Xi’s big Moscow meeting, briefly explained

The ICC issued a warrant for war crimes in Ukraine. It came right for Putin.

A Russian aircraft collided with a US drone. It’s a reminder of the Ukraine war risks.

A Ukrainian city is on the verge of falling to Russia

Here’s what arming Ukraine could look like in the future

The last US-Russia arms control treaty is in big trouble

4 unanswered questions about the future of the Ukraine war

How Ukraine could become America’s next forever war

Biden and Putin’s dueling speeches show why the end of the Ukraine war is a long way off

After Munich meeting, the US-China relationship is still a mess

Russia’s emerging new offensive in Ukraine, explained by an expert

This stream has:

Biden’s State of the Union 2023: Full coverage and highlights

How Turkey is ruining NATO’s moment of unity

One year in, both Ukraine and Russia still think they can win

Ukraine’s corruption shake-up, briefly explained

Ukraine has a new cache of weapons on the way — but not German tanks

Putin’s so-called Christmas ceasefire, explained

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s unexpected visit to the US, explained

Europe’s unprecedented response to Ukrainian refugees faces new challenges

This DC party invite shows all the money to be made off the Ukraine war

What to know about the $60 price cap, the plan to limit Russia’s oil revenues

Biden and Putin just said they’re open to talks. Don’t count on it happening soon.

Can Ukraine’s infrastructure survive the winter?

The international missile incident in Poland that wasn’t

What Russia’s withdrawal from a key Ukrainian city means for the war

What to expect after Russia’s latest escalatory nuclear rhetoric

The drama over progressives’ Ukraine letter, explained

Russia’s destroying infrastructure in Ukraine, and the consequences are dire

The secret history of America’s tactical nukes

What comes next in Ukraine’s fight against Russia

3 ways of looking at Putin’s barbaric escalation against Ukrainian civilians