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News and analysis about all things Russia, including special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, the war in Ukraine, and more.

The Wagner chief’s fate was decided when he crossed Putin

Why so many countries want to join BRICS

It’s time for a new atomic altruism

Wagner’s real money never came from diamonds and gold

Prigozhin said he was just being a patriot. Do Russians agree?

Aleksandr Lukashenko, the dictator who took credit for ending Wagner’s mutiny, explained

Russia’s wild weekend and the Wagner group’s march to Moscow, explained

Why we need a Memorial Day for civilian victims of war

The potential fallout from drone attacks in Moscow

What a viral video reveals about Russia’s struggles in Ukraine

Can a 50-year-old treaty still keep the world safe from the changing threat of bioweapons?

So what’s the deal with Ukraine’s spring offensive?

America’s hypersonic arms race with China, explained

The Wagner Group, Russia’s maybe-private army in Ukraine, explained

Putin and Xi’s big Moscow meeting, briefly explained

The last US-Russia arms control treaty is in big trouble

4 unanswered questions about the future of the Ukraine war

How Ukraine could become America’s next forever war

Biden and Putin’s dueling speeches show why the end of the Ukraine war is a long way off

Russia’s emerging new offensive in Ukraine, explained by an expert

Why the earthquake caused a “perfect storm” of a crisis in Syria

Are we in a new Cold War?

Putin’s so-called Christmas ceasefire, explained

What to know about the $60 price cap, the plan to limit Russia’s oil revenues

Biden and Putin just said they’re open to talks. Don’t count on it happening soon.

North Korean missile launches may mean new nuclear tests

Can Ukraine’s infrastructure survive the winter?

What Russia’s withdrawal from a key Ukrainian city means for the war

What to expect after Russia’s latest escalatory nuclear rhetoric

Russia’s destroying infrastructure in Ukraine, and the consequences are dire

What comes next in Ukraine’s fight against Russia

3 ways of looking at Putin’s barbaric escalation against Ukrainian civilians

Despite sanctions, Russian fuel is still selling — here’s who’s buying

Russian businessmen keep dying. No one knows why.

The Crimea bridge explosion is a devastating blow to Putin and Russian morale

Putin’s desperate attempt to annex parts of Ukraine

Russia’s mobilization won’t fix its military problems

What Putin’s latest threats mean for the risk of nuclear war

Russians believe they can win the war. Here are 3 reasons why.

Here’s what we know about the state of Russia’s military

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