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Why an Air Force colonel — and many other experts — are so worried about the existential risk of AI

Amazon’s robots are getting closer to replacing human hands

We’re one step closer to robots doing all our housework

Robots were supposed to take our jobs. Instead, they’re making them worse.

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You can buy a robot to keep your lonely grandparents company. Should you?

As many seniors face down the winter holidays alone, it may be tempting to give them a companion robot as a gift.

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Robot priests can bless you, advise you, and even perform your funeral

The robot revolution will be worse for men

How robots are transforming Amazon warehouse jobs — for better and worse

Big Tech is “scary” because it wants to be the solution to everything, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says

Humans keep directing abuse — even racism — at robots

The once-hot robotics startup Anki is shutting down after raising more than $200 million

Framebridge CEO Susan Tynan explains why it’s okay to be analog in a digital world

Memo from a ‘Facebook nation’ to Mark Zuckerberg: You moved fast and broke our country.

Is this robot really going to replace a security guard?

How social media bots could tank your stock price

Most Americans say they don’t want help from robots

The Carbon Robotics CEO says robots will be today’s combine harvester

Lawyer bots take the hassle out of fighting parking tickets and property taxes — and could cost local governments real revenue

Full transcript: The Verge’s Ashley Carman on Too Embarrassed to Ask

The coolest thing I saw at CES: Forpheus, the Ping-Pong-playing robot

Here’s the story behind the pole-dancing robots everyone’s talking about at CES

Full transcript: Seismic founder and CEO Rich Mahoney answers robot questions on Too Embarrassed to Ask

Will robots take our jobs, or make life better?

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Kriti Sharma is defining the ethics of AI

SoftBank CEO Masa Son claims the company has already bagged $3 billion in profit

Humans and AI will work together in almost every job, PARC CEO Tolga Kurtoglu says

Google is funding a new software project that will automate writing local news

Ohio is now the fifth U.S. state to permit delivery robots on sidewalks

Watch Toyota’s new robot assistant help a disabled American vet

Florida is now the fourth state to permit delivery robots on sidewalks

Full transcript: Anki CEO and co-founder Boris Sofman on Recode Decode

The industrial robotics market will nearly triple in less than 10 years

Wisconsin is now the third state to allow delivery robots

The company that builds the robots that make Teslas wants to build home robots

Google has finally found a buyer for its amazing, scary robot companies, Boston Dynamics and Schaft: SoftBank

The construction industry is short on human workers and ripe for a robotic takeover

Internet traffic from bots surpassed human-generated traffic in 2016

Why cute robots are important for the entire tech industry

Robots copy their coolest moves from animals

Why manufacturing jobs are coming back to the U.S. — even as companies buy more robots

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