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Here are the best TV shows, movies, books, comics, and music to read, watch, and listen to right now.

Where is the line between life and art?

The Last Duel is a medieval epic about believing women, and it’s a mess

Goodbye, Mr. Bond

Jonathan Franzen’s Crossroads is an opus on humiliation. It’s very good.

Six, the long-delayed pop musical about Henry VIII’s wives, is glorious nonsense

October’s must-see movies, from delayed blockbusters to arthouse gems

Why I felt betrayed by Netflix’s Midnight Mass

The tricky trans politics of FX’s Y: The Last Man

I feel weird about Dear Evan Hansen

What the movies of this pandemic reveal

The empty dream that LuLaRoe sold

In Sally Rooney’s new novel, a celebrity author fights her own brand

Donda: The hype, the controversy, the music, the Kanye of it all, explained

Kick off the fall movie season with September’s 7 buzziest films

What a weird summer it’s been at the movies!

The new Aretha Franklin movie shows how tricky it is to make a great musician biopic

Mrs. March is a Hitchcock-meets-Highsmith novel about a woman behaving badly

The irony of movies about taking charge of your life

After a lost pandemic year, live theater is back

August’s most exciting movies

The Green Knight is glorious and a little baffling. Let’s untangle it.

M. Night Shyamalan returns with Old, a floppy but haunting thriller about aging

The new Anthony Bourdain doc is ethically thorny but worth watching

The new Space Jam is apocalyptic horror

Black Widow gives the character a soul — several years too late

Did anyone actually want more Gossip Girl?

Movies like Summer of Soul can reclaim America’s important buried history

Zola is a slick, seedy Florida odyssey

Is F9 the best blockbuster ever? No. Is it absolutely perfect? You bet.

Without Rose Byrne, the ’80s aerobics drama Physical would be unwatchable

Luca is a Pixar fable about sea monsters, friendship, and pasta

The Handmaid’s Tale invites its viewers to Joe Biden’s Gilead

The Other Black Girl is a pulpy, joyous thrill ride of a book

Loki gives Marvel’s beloved villain a charming second chance

Japanese Breakfast isn’t the artist she used to be

A Quiet Place Part II takes a good premise and extends it

The empty comfort of Friends: The Reunion

There’s no good reason for Cruella to exist. If you can get past that, it’s pretty fun.

Master of None season 3 is an artfully filmed disappointment

The long-awaited In the Heights movie is electrifying and perfectly timed

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