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Here are the best TV shows, movies, books, comics, and music to read, watch, and listen to right now.

It’s best you know nothing about the new greatest movie of all time

The 25 best movies of 2022

Of course Glass Onion is a blast. But it cuts deeper than Knives Out, too.

How Love Is Blind became a horror show

Unpacking Armageddon Time

Sex, death, and apocalypse meet in season 2 of The White Lotus

Cormac McCarthy’s two new novels are deliberately frustrating

House of the Dragon season finale: The dragons come home to roost

The existence of the last slave transport ship was denied. A new documentary reveals the truth.

The Banshees of Inisherin is great — and even better if you know the history behind it

Lea Michele in Funny Girl: Yes, she is that good

House of the Dragon’s tense, awkward family reunion

Tár demands — and deserves — your full attention

Celeste Ng is back with a dark parable of America’s history of child removal

Triangle of Sadness might be the meanest film of the year. Its director is an optimist.

Every movie right now, from Amsterdam to Glass Onion, stars a million A-listers

Riotsville, U.S.A. is a window onto the bizarre beginnings of police militarization

House of the Dragon gives us a time jump, a season reset, and two horrible childbirths

The buzziest fall movies have something in common

Inside Darren Aronofsky’s messy movie The Whale is something wise about religious trauma

House of the Dragon’s green dress signals a major series turning point

In Ducks, Kate Beaton of Hark! A Vagrant goes bleak and desolate

What the film Women Talking loses (and preserves) from the 2018 novel

Nona the Ninth features dogs, lesbians, necromantic battles, increasing levels of Catholicism

House of the Dragon’s moral lesson of the week: Sex is always political

The summer of swirly, googly, bombastic, over-the-top movies

What Nathan Fielder’s The Rehearsal says about us

The new A League of Their Own TV show honors — and departs from — the original

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law: Power means letting female heroes take up space

Society is a mess in Emily the Criminal, Bodies Bodies Bodies, and Not Okay

Four ways of looking at The Rehearsal

Bullet Train is deeply derivative, and that’s its appeal

This summer’s movies are all about love

Ron Howard’s movie about the Thai cave rescue isn’t the Hollywood melodrama I expected

Rewatching Gigli in the age of Bennifer’s triumph

Jordan Peele’s Nope, explained

Netflix’s Persuasion is an absolute disaster

Fire of Love, about married volcanologists, is this summer’s must-see doc

The best movies of 2022 (so far) — and how to watch them

Elvis and the trouble with musician biopics