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Here are the best TV shows, movies, books, comics, and music to read, watch, and listen to right now.

Untangling Maggie Gyllenhaal’s The Lost Daughter

The best documentaries of 2021 and how to watch them

Hanging out with the Beatles in Get Back

Station Eleven made me want to live in the post-apocalypse

The 21 best movies of 2021

Nothing changed and everything changed in Succession’s third season

If we can’t beat the apocalypse, at least we can laugh at it

Company is the musical that made Sondheim’s reputation. A new production reimagines it.

Why the new West Side Story works — and one thing that doesn’t

Why we’re so obsessed with nuns

In Flee, one Afghan refugee’s story comes to vibrant, animated life

December’s buzziest movies bring a wild movie year to a close

Licorice Pizza proves Paul Thomas Anderson is a master of unexpected romance

In Sondheim’s Assassins, cornball Americana can’t cover a seething mass of violent rage

Machismo is terror in Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog

What can you even say about House of Gucci? It’s stupid. It’s perfect.

C’mon C’mon tries, just a little, to stop time

Procession is a doc about the Catholic sex abuse scandal. Its approach is wholly unexpected.

The four F’s of trauma response and the four Roy kids of Succession

How Taylor Swift’s 10-minute “All Too Well” surpasses her original

Yellowjackets brilliantly mixes teen angst and cannibalism — with major Lost vibes

Belfast skirts politics with a child’s-eye view of the Troubles

How Netflix’s adaptation of Passing reflects the novel’s time — and ours

The fraught, crackling return of Broadway

November’s movie calendar is packed. Here are 14 must-sees.

One of this year’s best movies is about its own making

Succession turns a box of doughnuts into a stealthy statement about abuse

The French Dispatch is peak Wes Anderson. I wish I loved it.

Why Dune endures

19 must-see movies from the fall film festivals

Where is the line between life and art?

The Last Duel is a medieval epic about believing women, and it’s a mess

Goodbye, Mr. Bond

Jonathan Franzen’s Crossroads is an opus on humiliation. It’s very good.

Six, the long-delayed pop musical about Henry VIII’s wives, is glorious nonsense

October’s must-see movies, from delayed blockbusters to arthouse gems

Why I felt betrayed by Netflix’s Midnight Mass

The tricky trans politics of FX’s Y: The Last Man

I feel weird about Dear Evan Hansen

What the movies of this pandemic reveal

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