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Here are the best TV shows, movies, books, comics, and music to read, watch, and listen to right now.

The best movies of 2022 (so far) — and how to watch them

Elvis and the trouble with musician biopics

Raising Raffi is a portrait of the author as modern father

In The Immortal King Rao, a tech billionaire becomes king of the world

Lightyear is a good movie — and an even better IP grab

One Good Thing: Musician Ethel Cain nurses Gen-Z America’s broken heart

What happens if you clone Jurassic Park

Elif Batuman’s Either/Or is a portrait of the artist as a young idiot

Fire Island is a sharp look at queer desire, tucked into a sweet rom-com

15 unmissable movies from this year’s Cannes

The long, long, twisty affair between the US military and Hollywood

From Ex Machina to Men, Alex Garland is always exploring original sin

The author of Station Eleven wrote a new pandemic novel

The bloody, fantastical The Northman refuses to be modern

Russian Doll and accepting the things you can’t change

Living in the shadow of school shootings has changed us. Movies about them have changed, too.

The post-Hamilton era of historical musicals has begun

Will this grim satire help you understand what’s happening in Ukraine? Kind of.

With The Candy House, Pulitzer winner Jennifer Egan makes her case for the novel

Oscar Isaac gets to be a hero, dork, and Egyptian god in Moon Knight

Season 2 of Bridgerton is better for everyone — except fans of the book

There should be more movies like The Lost City, even if it isn’t perfect

Deep Water is a movie for the mean and horny

What’s the point of all these scammer stories?

What we can learn from Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s TV presidency

Morality in art, as considered by a fictional 50-something martini-drinking hostage taker

The Batman’s moral universe gets what Todd Phillips’ Joker misses

The Batman brings the caped crusader back to his detective roots

A crop of new documentaries refuses to erase the past

One Good Thing: Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask taught me about love

How I learned to stop wincing and appreciate Jackass

From a volcano love story to an all-girl metal band, 15 documentaries you can’t miss

One of the year’s best movies is about the worst person in the world (kind of)

One Good Thing: A park for the filthy rich and the rest of us, too

18 indie movies everyone will be talking about this year

The luxurious fantasy of suffering in Hanya Yanagihara’s novels

Untangling Maggie Gyllenhaal’s The Lost Daughter

The best documentaries of 2021 and how to watch them

Hanging out with the Beatles in Get Back

Station Eleven made me want to live in the post-apocalypse