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Renewable Energy

Vox's news coverage and updates on the latest in renewables like solar power, wind energy, storage, and batteries.

The latest data on US climate pollution is very bad

Is this the beginning of the end of gas stoves and dirty heat in buildings?

The infrastructure law aims to clean up pollution in your community

An “attack on American cities” is freezing climate action in its tracks

One policy that could challenge a century of fossil fuel dominance

The US power grid isn’t ready for climate change

The fastest way to get more people to buy electric vehicles

How Biden could actually deliver on his climate goals

Why every state is vulnerable to a Texas-style power crisis 

2020 ties for the hottest year on record

The Earth itself could provide carbon-free heat for buildings

Live results: Nevada renewable energy ballot initiative

China’s commitment to become carbon neutral by 2060, explained

Michael Moore produced a film about climate change that’s a gift to Big Oil

How Germany helped make renewable energy cheap for the rest of the world

California now requires solar panels on all new homes. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

Solar and wind are coming. And the power sector isn’t ready.

These huge new wind turbines are a marvel. They’re also the future.

This book ranks the top 100 solutions to climate change. The results are surprising.

Texas’s wind and sunlight complement each other exceptionally well. That’s huge for its grid.

Energy transitions are usually slow. Why the clean energy transition might be faster.

Trump says he’ll cut GM’s subsidies. He can’t do it without Congress.

Clean energy is catching up to natural gas

Solar power’s greatest challenge was discovered 10 years ago. It looks like a duck.

The most depressing energy chart of the year

Offshore wind finally gets blowing in the US

Meet the microgrid, the technology poised to transform electricity

American energy use, in one diagram

The US is winning the climate fight in electricity — and losing it just about everywhere else

Trump wanted to slash funding for clean energy. Congress ignored him.

The power sector craves stability. Trump has brought it chaos.

Is 100% renewable energy realistic? Here’s what we know.

The solar industry is bracing for job losses after Trump’s tariffs

A beginner’s guide to the debate over 100% renewable energy

106 lawmakers — including 11 Republicans — tell Trump climate change is a national security threat

What rolling back the Clean Power Plan means for the US climate fight

Love solar power but got no rooftop? "Shared solar" is coming for you.

Energy hog Google just bought enough renewables to power its operations for the year

New global survey reveals that everyone loves green energy — especially the Chinese

Here’s a road map for solving 3 of the world’s biggest problems

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