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Dating, friendships, colleagues, and more — Vox explores how to think about relationships in life.

Romantic norms are in flux. No wonder everyone’s obsessed with polyamory.

Who is etiquette for?

There’s more than one way to feel lonely

The best advice we got in 2023

Relationships aren’t always going to be totally balanced. That isn’t a bad thing.

Online daters love to hate on Hinge. 10 years in, it’s more popular than ever.

A guide to difficult conversations for people who hate confrontation

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How millennials learned to dread motherhood

To our generation, being a mom looks thankless, exhausting, and lonely. Can we change the story?

You can’t even pay people to have more kids

You should have more friends of all ages

Social media can’t be your couples’ therapist

How to talk to a loved one about their health

Why influencers with 7, 8, or 10 kids are having a moment

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The world wants your kids to buy stuff. Here’s how to help them be less materialistic.

6 questions to ask that will make caring for older relatives much easier

Baby boomers are aging. Their kids aren’t ready.

How to make dating suck less

Gossip is good. Tattling is bad.

Should you be friends with your kids?

How birthdays became week-long blowouts

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What will love and death mean in the age of machine intelligence?

Want to make more friends? Start a club.

The limits of therapy-speak

How much social interaction do you actually need?

The case for shame

How to talk about pregnancy loss

How to find your people

Small acts of kindness matter more than you think

9 easy ways to make your life a little better

How to foster your purpose wherever you are in life

Everyone messes up. Here’s how to say you’re sorry.

How (and why) to stop holding a grudge

How to offer help when you don’t know what to say

We admire these do-gooders. We just don’t want to date them.

From BTS fandom to video games: How 4 new friendships formed during lockdown

Friendships are crucial to survive the isolation of the coronavirus pandemic. Why do they feel so hard?

How our housing choices make adult friendships more difficult

I knew dating as a widow would be difficult. But the hardest part surprised me.

What I wish my friends had said to me after my mom died

Why people can’t stop shipping Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

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