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What to watch, read, listen to, and more.

The movies to watch for this fall

Priscilla and Sofia Coppola’s lonely girls

The wisest choice in Killers of the Flower Moon

Why you should be watching more short films

2023’s best books (so far)

Shiny Happy People is a great reminder of why cult documentaries should exist

Beef is the best show Netflix has had in recent memory

In Showing Up, Michelle Williams is an artist desperately trying to get anything done

10 new documentaries to watch for, from Thomas Kinkade to Y2K

The shadowy puzzle-box pleasures of Chinese spy thriller Hidden Blade

The best movie you didn’t see last year is finally out

17 movies to watch out for in 2023

We can’t grieve what we can’t remember

What gets lost when comedies go straight to streaming

It’s best you know nothing about the new greatest movie of all time

All of the 2022 National Book Award finalists, read and reviewed

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What the film Women Talking loses (and preserves) from the 2018 novel

One Good Thing: A food memoir about love, grief, and lockdown

One Good Thing: A new classic of country heartbreak

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This summer’s movies are all about love

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Fire of Love, about married volcanologists, is this summer’s must-see doc

One Good Thing: A Danish drama lets its girlbosses fail

The best movies of 2022 (so far) — and how to watch them

One Good Thing: Two ’90s Asian films that capture the loneliness of modern life

One Good Thing: Musician Ethel Cain nurses Gen-Z America’s broken heart

One Good Thing: A French reality show with high-end homes and low-stakes drama

One Good Thing: 107 minutes of Wall Street traders behaving badly

Two Good Things: Sad kids’ movies about magical seals

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15 unmissable movies from this year’s Cannes

One Good Thing: The Jane Campion film that captures spring euphoria

One Good Thing: Watching the cherry blossoms in the end times

Saving Face is a delightful queer rom-com — and a love letter to Asian moms

One Good Thing: The cartoon dog who taught me how to be a dad

One Good Thing: The Two Fat Ladies proved pleasure was for every body

One Good Thing: Conversations with strangers, which I missed so much

One Good Thing: Have you heard of this Shakespeare guy? Pretty good!

One Good Thing: Les Mis is here to complicate your joy

One Good Thing: Garlic, a perfect food

One Good Thing: 32 years after its debut, Microsoft Solitaire is still a blissful time-waster

Will this grim satire help you understand what’s happening in Ukraine? Kind of.

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