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Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher

Can Big Tech be fixed? Center for Democracy and Technology CEO Nuala O’Connor is “long-term optimistic.”

Full Q&A: Zucked author Roger McNamee on Recode Decode

The Mastermind author Evan Ratliff explains how tech enabled a drug kingpin

Spencer Stuart executive recruiter James Citrin explains how to find a great CEO

Full Q&A: “Be Fearless” author and early AOL executive Jean Case on Recode Decode

How can you prepare for the future of work? The answer is not “learn to code.”

Full Q&A: Attorney Laura Wasser on making a “TurboTax for divorce”

“Venture capital money kills more businesses than it helps,” says Basecamp CEO Jason Fried

Full Q&A: McSweeney’s editor Claire Boyle and EFF boss Cindy Cohn on Recode Decode

Full Q&A: Glossier CEO Emily Weiss on the “art and science” of the beauty business

A resolution for journalists in 2019: Earn the public’s trust by showing your work

Full Q&A: 99designs CEO Patrick Llewellyn on Recode Decode

Full Q&A: DoorDash CEO Tony Xu and COO Christopher Payne on Recode Decode

The way SoftBank invests in startups just doesn’t work, says Khosla Ventures’ Keith Rabois

Full Q&A: Serial Box CEO Molly Barton on Recode Decode

What’s next for virtual assistants like Alexa? Maybe buying stuff for you automatically.

How Imgur avoids the ugliness of social media

Benchmark’s Scott Belsky has four magic words for entrepreneurs: ‘Do your fucking job’

Why Sweetgreen thinks like a tech company

How Peter Jackson’s team made World War I footage look new

Framebridge CEO Susan Tynan explains why it’s okay to be analog in a digital world

Full Q&A: Ezra Klein and Kara Swisher on the future of journalism

Memo from a ‘Facebook nation’ to Mark Zuckerberg: You moved fast and broke our country.

Full Q&A: Y Combinator’s Sam Altman and Recode’s Kara Swisher discuss tech ethics, addiction and Facebook

Full Q&A: NBC journalists Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell and Hallie Jackson on Recode Decode

Recode has published 240 podcasts in 2018. Here are the 10 you really shouldn’t miss.

Full Q&A: Casey Newton and Louie Swisher on the 300th episode of Recode Decode

Why Amazon is a ‘bully’ and Facebook and Google are ‘the enemies of independent thought’

Full Q&A: ‘Rule Makers, Rule Breakers’ author Michele Gelfand on Recode Decode

Full Q&A: ‘Dear America’ author Jose Antonio Vargas on Recode Decode

Attend Recode Decode LIVE in Washington, D.C., with Kara Swisher and NBC News journalists Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell and Hallie Jackson

After 20,000 workers walked out, Google said it got the message. The workers disagree.

Should the First Amendment apply to Facebook? It’s complicated.

Why nonprofits should think more like tech companies

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates explains how Donald Trump is trying to corrupt the Justice Department

How a Democratic fundraiser taught everyone his Silicon Valley tricks

American capitalism broke in the 1980s. Can it be fixed?

Full Q&A: Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Recode Decode

Elon Musk: The Recode interview

Elon Musk on his year of costly tweets, journalist fights — and how it changed him

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