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Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing — and changing us.

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How a little electrical tape can trick a Tesla into speeding

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Mike Bloomberg is paying people to send their friends texts about him

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What Jeff Bezos isn’t telling us about his $10 billion climate pledge

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The Nevada caucus tool is an iPad and a Google Form

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Some Oracle employees plan to walk off the job to protest Larry Ellison’s Trump fundraiser

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Pornhub’s content moderation problem

A company called GirlsDoPorn uploaded videos to Pornhub and other sites without the consent of the women in them. VICE’s Samantha Cole explains why these videos are still all over the internet.

Donating $10 billion isn’t the best way for Jeff Bezos to fight climate change

How a basic iPhone feature scared a senator into proposing a facial recognition moratorium

Ring is finally requiring a basic security feature to help prevent hacks

Walmart paid Wall Street investors $12 billion last year to keep them happy. Amazon paid $0.

Why algorithms can be racist and sexist

Jeff Bezos just made one of the largest charitable gifts ever

Facebook canceled a 5,000-person conference in San Francisco because of coronavirus

Tinder may not get you a date. It will get your data.

It’s 2020. Where are our self-driving cars?

Vox Crossword

Bloomberg’s Instagram meme ad campaign is backfiring

Amazon can’t end fake reviews, but its new system might drown them out

Here’s an idea to save local news: Stop trying to make a profit from local news

Jeff Bezos’s first employee: Amazon “scares me”

Listen to our new podcast with never-before-told stories about Amazon’s ascent

Why DNA tests are suddenly unpopular

“No handshakes, please”: The tech industry is terrified of the coronavirus

Larry Ellison is doing an unthinkable thing for a tech titan: Hosting a fundraiser for Donald Trump

Tech underestimated Bernie Sanders. Now it has to deal with him.

DoorDash’s anti-worker tactics have backfired spectacularly

Apple’s malware problem is getting worse

Your favorite dating site isn’t as private as you think

Why Airbnb is suddenly struggling to make money

Is your phone or Fitbit the future of medical diagnosis?

Tech billionaires give away billions — but it’s just a small fraction of their staggering wealth

Google’s head of HR is stepping down, but that won’t fix the company’s internal problems

Antitrust officials ordered Facebook, Amazon, and others to disclose 10 years of merger docs

The T-Mobile + Sprint deal is good for you if you like paying more for your wireless plan

The world’s scariest facial recognition software, explained

The US government is breaking up Big Razor before it gets to Big Tech

How tech companies are trying to make augmented and virtual reality a thing, again

Mike Bloomberg doesn’t want Silicon Valley’s money. He does want its employees.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to Jeff Bezos: Overhaul Amazon’s “profit-at-all-costs culture”

This Republican senator’s radical new plan for the FTC kind of makes sense

Why Silicon Valley’s accomplishments on gender diversity are not as good as they seem

Acronym, the dark money group behind the Iowa caucuses app meltdown, explained

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The “smarter” wall: How drones, sensors, and AI are patrolling the border

Here’s what a so-called "smart wall" of technology at the US-Mexico border looks like.

Scientists are identifying potential treatments for coronavirus via artificial intelligence

Law enforcement is now buying cellphone location data from marketers

Iowa’s 2016 caucus app worked and everyone forgot about it