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Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing — and changing us.

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5 ways abortion bans could hurt women in the workforce

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What police could find out about your illegal abortion

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When you drive for work, $5 gas hurts

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Elon Musk the Twitter celebrity vs. Elon Musk the boss

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It’s TikTok’s world. Can TV live in it?


Land of the Giants

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One App Store to Rule Them All

Apple has always maintained it knows what’s best for its customers. But now governments and developers are trying to change the way Apple runs its highly profitable iPhone App Store. What happens if Apple can no longer hold its tight grip on the iPhone and the way we interact with the world?

  • Hosted by Peter Kafka (@pkafka)
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Google searches show people’s questions and fears in a post-Roe America

Anyone can fall for online scams — even you. Here’s how to avoid them.

Here’s why Netflix made you wait a month to watch the rest of Stranger Things

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Amazon fired Chris Smalls. Now the new union leader is one of its biggest problems.

What’s next for the face of America’s new labor movement.

If aliens are calling, let it go to voicemail

Meta is getting data about you from some surprising places

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Now might be a good time to think about crypto insurance

Leaked Amazon memo warns the company is running out of people to hire

Leaked transcript: Inside Elon Musk’s first meeting with Twitter employees

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What you need to know about Elon Musk’s big meeting with Twitter employees

Actually, maybe don’t learn to code

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Does this AI know it’s alive?

Podcast pioneer Bill Simmons on how to stay relevant

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What if the future of work is exactly the same?

For many, the gains in worker pay and power during the pandemic are fading fast — if they even saw them at all.

Apple and Google are coming for your car

What happens if you clone Jurassic Park

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The Amazonification of the American workforce

The e-commerce giant’s labor issues expose the complicated truth about getting what we want when we want it.

Why the return to the office isn’t working

Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s new investment fund deepens his ties to national security interests

FTC Chair Lina Khan’s plan to take on Big Tech, in 9 questions

Why Joe Biden is invoking a war power to build heat pumps and solar panels

Crypto’s winter is here again. How long will it last?

What the TSA could teach Congress about gun control

New York’s attorney general calls out Verizon for spreading Legionnaires’ disease

Business is booming for crypto scammers

Leaked transcript: What Mark Zuckerberg told Meta employees about Sheryl Sandberg’s exit

Sheryl Sandberg’s mixed legacy at Meta

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The simple, impactful way to make cars cleaner

The problem with schools turning to surveillance after mass shootings


The text-to-image revolution, explained

Polling is clear: Americans want gun control

Netflix slips and Hollywood cheers. Maybe it shouldn’t.

The Supreme Court shuts down Texas’s attempt to seize control of social media — for now

The young, rich, anti-capitalist capitalists

Tell your boss: Working from home is making you more productive

The Texas grid is designed to fail

Understanding is critical

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