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Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing — and changing us.

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How can we ban facial recognition when it’s already everywhere?

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One of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors is exploring a new anti-Trump boycott

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America has almost 800 billionaires, a record high

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The real cost of Amazon

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Networks of self-driving trucks are becoming a reality in the US

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"Netflix is a team, not a family"

"Netflix is a team, not a family"

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Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries is different from the original. But one episode restores its pulpy aesthetic.

Facebook nears a tipping point when it comes to moderating hate speech

Okay, Google, how do I listen to Vox?

Blockbuster should have killed Netflix. What happened?

How deepfakes could actually do some good

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Working for Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy isn’t always easy since it means working for Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s war against one of the internet’s worst conspiracy sites

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How to make sure Google automatically deletes your data on a regular basis

It’s not just your feed. Political content has taken over Instagram.

TikTok offered details about how its most popular feed works. Experts seem unimpressed.

How one of Netflix’s biggest mistakes helped build its weird culture

Listen to our new podcast with never-before-told stories about Amazon’s ascent

Google employees are demanding the company stop selling software to police

Apple is finally making it easy to hide from trackers

How K-pop fans are weaponizing the internet for Black Lives Matter

EBay’s former CEO denies any link to the cyberstalking of a blogger. But he did want to create a competitor to challenge her.

The Trump administration’s flawed plan to destroy the internet as we know it

Facebook takes down another Trump campaign ad, this time for Nazi imagery

How to turn off political ads in your Facebook News Feed

More than 70 employees at Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy say it needs to change how it deals with race

Civil rights organizations want advertisers to dump Facebook

Black authors are on all the bestseller lists right now. But publishing doesn’t pay them enough.

The billionaire founder of Netflix is giving $120 million to black colleges

Facebook still won’t take down politicians’ misleading posts, but it’s trying to register 4 million new voters

All eyes turn to Apple as antitrust investigations heat up

Netflix’s billionaire founder is secretly building a luxury retreat for teachers in rural Colorado

The best and worst of the biggest streaming services

Former eBay employees allegedly used spiders and swingers to cyberstalk newsletter authors

Jeff Bezos will finally be grilled by Congress

The inside story of Netflix, the tiny tech company that took over Hollywood

How protesters are turning the tables on police surveillance

Inside Jack Dorsey’s radical experiment for billionaires to give away their money

Big tech companies back away from selling facial recognition to police. That’s progress.

Questions to ask yourself before sharing images of police brutality

Members of Congress want to know more about law enforcement’s surveillance of protesters

New coronavirus cases reported at reopened Tesla factory. This doesn’t look great for Elon Musk.

Why it matters that IBM is getting out of the facial recognition business