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How can I watch you today?

When we shop online, we tend to think of it as a solitary experience free of sales associates and watchful eyes. But it turns out, some companies can see every move you make in their online stores, in realtime.

Twitter is disturbingly right and alarmingly wrong about what you’re interested in

The founder of Bonobos was supposed to help reinvent Walmart. 2 years later, he’s leaving.

The robot revolution will be worse for men

WeWork is shutting down a restaurant coworking startup it acquired only 4 months ago

Artificial intelligence will help determine if you get your next job

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We asked 2020 Democratic candidates 7 key questions on technology

From breaking up Facebook and Google to facial recognition technology in policing, here is how some 2020 Democrats think of the biggest issues in tech.

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Away’s new CEO was going to be second in command — until a toxic workplace story blew up

6 months after a major public controversy, YouTube is changing its anti-harassment policies

How robots are transforming Amazon warehouse jobs — for better and worse

From Pokémon Go to Facebook, here’s how to protect your privacy on apps

A new way 2020 candidates want to win your vote: tracking your phone’s location

The Irishman is very long and very popular, says Netflix

Vox Crossword

This stream has:

Open Sourced: explaining and exposing the hidden consequences of tech

Amazon warehouse workers say they’re doing “back-breaking” work without paid time off

What we know about you when you click on this article


What facial recognition steals from us

Listen to our new podcast with never-before-told stories about Amazon’s ascent

How to avoid a dystopian future of facial recognition in law enforcement

Open Sourced: The hidden consequences of tech, revealed

Why every website wants you to accept its cookies

Join the Open Sourced Reporting Network 

Facebook’s political ad problem, explained by an expert

Where the US government is using facial recognition technology to surveil Americans

90 percent of growth in high-tech jobs happened in just 5 metro areas

It’s not just passengers being assaulted in Ubers. Drivers are at risk, too.

Uber’s sexual assault report won’t hurt it as badly as other incidents

Jeff Bezos finally added 2 more women to Amazon’s senior leadership team — joining 19 men

Amazon Prime one-day shipping apparently doesn’t mean one-day delivery

The Gates Foundation has enormous impact. Its CEO leaving could have an enormous impact, too.

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2020 Democrats on who controls your data — and who’s at fault when it’s mishandled

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How 2020 Democratic candidates would regulate facial recognition

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Do Democrats think the government should be able to get around data encryption?

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2020 Democrats weigh in on the biggest issue in tech

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How will 2020 Democrats deal with jobs eliminated by artificial intelligence?

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Should social media companies be legally responsible for misinformation and hate speech? 2020 Democrats weigh in.

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How 2020 Democrats think about breaking up Big Tech

Here’s who owns everything in Big Media today

The most important IPO for Silicon Valley in 2019 comes from Saudi Arabia

Larry Page, Alphabet’s absentee CEO, is stepping down after a challenging year for Big Tech