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Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing — and changing us.

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Parler, the “free speech” Twitter wannabe, explained

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BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti on why he bought HuffPost and why the New York Times can’t be “the paper of record”

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It took a pandemic to change the movie business

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Big California donors want to fill Kamala Harris’s Senate seat with a woman of color

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The $35 million play to fix Democrats’ data problem is shutting down


Land of the Giants

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Go For Broke: Inside the Dot-Com Bubble

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How fake news aimed at Latinos thrives on social media

Spotify has 300 million users. It wants more of them to listen to podcasts.

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One of the few Black C-suite execs in tech is starting a firm to invest in Black, Latinx, and women entrepreneurs

Covid-19 is turning urgent care centers into America’s favorite clinics

Conspiracy theories, explained

Americans are embracing dangerous conspiratorial beliefs, from QAnon to coronavirus denial.

Inside the behind-the-scenes fight to convince Joe Biden about Silicon Valley

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What comes after Zoom fatigue

It looks like we’re stuck with video chat. Is that such a bad thing?

Twitter announces Fleets and audio spaces, two new things Twitter didn’t really invent

Amazon starts selling prescription drugs, with two-day delivery for Prime members

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The real cost of Amazon

"It’s like I’m risking my life for a dollar" — what the struggle Amazon workers face during the pandemic says about the future of work in America.

The future of commercial space travel is almost here with the latest SpaceX launch

Obama: The internet is “the single biggest threat to our democracy”

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Jeff Bezos plays it safe on his $10 billion climate giveaway

TikTok’s US ban has been delayed another two weeks — or maybe forever

Listen to our new podcast with never-before-told stories about Amazon’s ascent

Fox News’s election fraud pandering may be its most dangerous lie yet

Facebook’s election woes are headed to Georgia

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How Biden’s FCC could fix America’s internet

Social media is making a bad political situation worse

Amazon gets hit with antitrust charges in Europe

Is social media ready for a Covid-19 vaccine?

The former CEO of Google has applied to become a citizen of Cyprus

Silicon Valley leaders celebrate the Biden win — and send a message to Trump

YouTube is awash with election misinformation — and it isn’t taking it down

The New York Times is thriving in chaos

Facebook took down a massive “Stop the Steal” group after its members called for violence

What’s really going on with the mail-in ballots the US Postal Service can’t trace

No, Joe Biden did not mysteriously gain 138,000 Michigan votes all at once

Live results for California’s Proposition 22 on ride-hailing drivers

Live results for California’s data privacy ballot initiative

California just strengthened its digital privacy protections even more

California has rejected a major gig economy reform, leaving workers without employee protections

Twitter and Facebook both label Trump’s post baselessly asserting that the election is being “stolen”

Technical glitches on Election Day are annoying, but they are not unusual

Misleading claims about voter fraud in Pennsylvania are going viral online

Why the Trump campaign is going all-in on YouTube 

They hate Trump for a living. They might miss him, too.

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