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Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing — and changing us.

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Mike Bloomberg throws shade at Joe Biden as a looming “lame duck”

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Amazon’s Ring blamed hacks on consumers reusing their passwords. A lawsuit says that’s not true.

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Things can get “really bad, really quickly” when a 24-year-old runs a company

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Peacock, NBC’s new streaming service, wants you to watch ads

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When Pinterest users started searching for vaccines, CEO Ben Silbermann pulled all medical information from the platform

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The YouTubers are freaked

YouTube is finally being forced to follow a decades-old rule that protects kids’ privacy online. What does this mean for content creators?

Spotify may buy The Ringer. Here’s why that makes sense.

“Privacy shouldn’t be a luxury”: Advocates want Google to do more to secure cheap Android phones

Twitter, Microsoft, and other companies call for an end to Trump’s rule to keep out low-income immigrants

New York could put a hold on facial recognition in schools. Here’s why.

Google Chrome’s cookie ban is good news for Google — and maybe your privacy

Why #NeverWarren should make you nervous about 2020

Bloomberg plans to make a secret pitch to Silicon Valley billionaires, showing he’s not afraid to schmooze Big Tech

25% of users watching Netflix on their iPhones also watch Disney+

Why Jack Dorsey (and you) should pay attention to this proposed charity law in California

Vox Crossword

A top Away executive quit the same day the founder and CEO said she was returning

In defense of Twitter

Why activists want to ban facial recognition on college campuses before it arrives

The government is again asking Apple to unlock iPhones. Here’s why you should care.

Listen to our new podcast with never-before-told stories about Amazon’s ascent

A new generation of philanthropists are ticked off at Trump — and their parents

Robot priests can bless you, advise you, and even perform your funeral

A new MIT report on Jeffrey Epstein raises questions about how much to blame billionaires like Bill Gates

Alphabet’s top lawyer, who has been accused of inappropriate workplace relationships, is stepping down

Barstool Sports is close to selling to a casino company you’ve never heard of

How Amazon’s Ring is creating a surveillance network with video doorbells

Grubhub sale rumors highlight the state of the struggling food-delivery industry

Facebook will continue letting politicians lie in ads

AI poses risks, but the White House says regulators shouldn’t “needlessly hamper” innovation

WeWork is still growing. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

Facebook is like sugar — too much is bad for you, says a top Facebook exec

The US is worried about Iran retaliating with a cyberattack

How Silicon Valley’s secretive donor group plans to beat Trump

Facebook is banning deepfake videos

Inside the secretive Silicon Valley group that has funneled over $20 million to Democrats

Tech companies tried to help us spend less time on our phones. It didn’t work.

Bill Gates’s big takeaway from 2019: raise his taxes

A “new” Amazon waffle maker came with an old crusty-looking waffle already in it


Google and Amazon are now in the oil business

Amazon threatened to fire employees who spoke out against its environmental policies

AT&T is cutting jobs, but Trump is focused on its management of CNN instead

Illinois says you should know if AI is grading your online job interviews

Thousands of Google’s cafeteria workers have unionized

California’s new privacy law, explained

Adam Sandler is Netflix’s biggest star, and Netflix thinks that’s great