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Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing — and changing us.

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“Knowledge workers” could be the most impacted by future automation

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Disney says it doesn’t need data to make great shows

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The Morning Show’s producers say many of its critics are “Apple haters”

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Facebook still isn’t clear about why it won’t take down false political ads

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How to follow (and listen to) Recode’s Code Media conference in Los Angeles

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Why Google Has Your Health Records

Google has partnered with one of America's large hospital networks and gained access to millions of health records. CNBC's Christina Farr explains what it's doing with them.

HBO Max wants to be the next cable bundle instead of the next Netflix

Sports Illustrated’s new bosses defend why they bought a brand and not a company

Why Vice’s new CEO thinks Vice’s former, ousted CEO doesn’t get enough credit

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Code Media 2019: News & updates

DoorDash and Uber Eats aren’t collecting sales tax on delivery fees in some states. That could be a problem.

Google just got access to millions of medical records. Here are the pros and cons.

A pivot from tech to empowerment at bra startup ThirdLove

The world’s most profitable company is about to go public

Vox Crossword

America’s sex education system is broken. This chatbot wants to be the solution.

Twitter is walking into a minefield with its political ads ban

Nike’s breakup with Amazon is a lose-lose situation for everyone — including you

Netflix says it speaks truth to power, after all

A bait-and-switch scam ran unchecked on Airbnb. Here’s how it worked.

Listen to our new podcast with never-before-told stories about Amazon’s ascent

How Trump is using Facebook to amplify his fight against impeachment

Google’s former CEO just committed another $1 billion to charity. But he’s spending it on buzzwords.

Dopamine fasting is Silicon Valley’s hot new trend. Is it backed by science?

Disney says its new Disney+ streaming service is so popular you can’t stream it

Why is SMS texting a mess? Fixing it is harder than you think.

10 lessons for Disney, Apple, and all the new streaming companies trying to take down Netflix

The Seattle politician Amazon tried to oust has declared victory

WeWork is reportedly in talks to hire a new CEO, and he’s a character

Bloomberg’s Matt Levine explains Wall Street, WeWork, and how to leave Goldman Sachs for a much lower-paying job

Wildfires are getting worse. Can new technology make us safer?

Jeff Bezos asked Michael Bloomberg months ago if he’d consider running for president

One of Peter Thiel’s venture capital firms has devolved into legal chaos

Now that Netflix has more streaming competitors, it suddenly cares about ratings

Here’s what WeWork is giving laid-off employees who aren’t named Adam Neumann

The government keeps its use of facial recognition tech secret. The ACLU is suing.

Bill Gates on Elizabeth Warren, Jeffrey Epstein, and why he’d pay more — but not too much more — in taxes

Amazon tried to buy a new Seattle City Council. It doesn’t look like it worked.

After a wild 8 years, Facebook’s former VP of communications is switching to venture capital investments

Twitter got rid of political ads. Will it help or hurt social media’s influence on politics?

Twitter chose to ban political ads. But pressuring Facebook to do the same could backfire.

HBO will be the center of a tell-all oral history book

The internet is getting less free

Bernie Sanders escalates the war on tech and calls out Apple’s “hypocrisy” on housing

More than 1,000 Google employees signed a letter demanding the company reduce its carbon emissions

Nike’s high-tech Vaporfly sneakers help athletes run 4 percent faster. Should they be banned for providing an unfair advantage?