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Race in America

Vox's home for coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for racial justice in America.

A physicist’s lessons about race, power, and the universe

Lawyers left racism out of the trial over Ahmaud Arbery’s death. Here’s why.

The significance of the guilty verdicts in Arbery’s murder

Kyle Rittenhouse’s tears

The lofty goals and short life of the antiracist book club

How Netflix’s adaptation of Passing reflects the novel’s time — and ours

Ahmaud Arbery and the case for getting rid of citizen’s arrests

The anti-antiracist

R. Kelly was convicted. Are we finally listening to Black women?

Why America keeps turning its back on Haitian migrants

Critical race theory bans are making teaching much harder

Arizona launches a bold new experiment to limit racist convictions

How Martha’s Vineyard became a Black summertime sanctuary

Cops at the schoolyard gate

Reckoning with the theft of Native American children

Why America’s story requires revision

“Race norming” and the long legacy of medical racism, explained

Movies like Summer of Soul can reclaim America’s important buried history

Chauvin’s prison sentence is still not justice

What the hysteria over critical race theory is really all about

Juneteenth, explained

Ibram X. Kendi on anti-racism, Juneteenth, and the reckoning that wasn’t

Is there an uncontroversial way to teach America’s racist history?

Why it took 100 years for America to learn about the Tulsa massacre

How Black Lives Matter reenergized Black-Palestinian solidarity

In many Asian American families, racism is rarely discussed

Amazon hit by 5 more lawsuits from employees who allege race and gender discrimination

A professor became a police officer — and learned what’s really broken about policing

Why they’re not saying Ma’Khia Bryant’s name

9 ideas to solve the broken institution of policing

I could have been Ma’Khia Bryant

The tax code helps white people get richer

How effective was Derek Chauvin’s defense?

Senate Democrats use Asian American hate crimes bill as key test of Republican obstruction

70 years of cop shows taught us to valorize the police

It’s astounding that HBO’s new docuseries Exterminate All the Brutes even exists

“Cancel culture” forgets most racism happens in private

The problem with painting Derek Chauvin as a “bad apple”

The claim that drugs killed George Floyd relies on a racist trope

Trial by trauma


Is racism making people sick?


Is meritocracy a myth?


Does my neighborhood determine my future?


Are we automating racism?


How racist am I?

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