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Public Health

Do soda taxes fight obesity? How did Juul hook American teens? Vox tackles all your questions about public health issues and trends.

The new guidelines for Covid-19 booster shots, explained

Does everybody need a booster shot?

It’s time to stop describing lifesaving health care as “elective”

Americans are dying because no hospital will take them

The US was a world leader in vaccination. What went wrong?

Why America can’t fix its Covid-19 testing problems

How Florida’s massive Covid-19 spike got so bad

What we actually know about the vaccines and the delta variant

School boards are in open revolt against Ron DeSantis’s anti-mask crusade

Will the Taliban roll back two decades of public health progress in Afghanistan?

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The long road to India’s unparalleled pandemic catastrophe

India’s health system was broken. Then the delta surge arrived.

Why it’s so hard to be a nurse in America, according to two nurses

The pandemic changed the trajectory of America’s overdose and suicide crises

Why the CDC changed its mask guidance, according to an epidemiologist 

Yes, Covid-19 vaccine mandates are legal

Don’t dwell on the US life expectancy drop. Worry about the long-term trend.

The courts are destroying America’s ability to fight pandemics

A new bill would hold Facebook responsible for Covid-19 vaccine misinformation

Few immigrants in detention have been vaccinated. That needs to change.

Why food and housing assistance is essential for improving America’s health

The US health system was already falling short. Then Covid-19 happened.

Anxiety seems to be the culprit in J&J vaccine fainting spells


How rich countries are making the pandemic last longer

3 reasons most public masking is still important — even if you’re vaccinated

Half of US adults will soon be fully vaccinated. Convincing everyone else will be more difficult.

Hispanics are being vaccinated at lower rates nationwide. Nevada is trying to change that.

One small idea in Biden’s infrastructure plan with big benefits: Electric school buses

When will teens and kids be able to get the Covid-19 vaccines?

As more adults get vaccinated, kids’ lives can start returning to normal too

“You can’t get away from the idea that you’re just lucky to be alive”

Pandemic survivor guilt may be pervasive, but it’s hard to detect, leaving many struggling in silence.

Americans have been shockingly good at getting their second Covid-19 shot

Why our Latino community vaccine program is working

The US vaccine situation is looking up — but experts say you should keep wearing a mask

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What it’s like to die from Covid-19

It’s essential to understand why some health care workers are putting off vaccination

I’m an epidemiologist and a father. Here’s why I’m losing patience with our teachers’ unions.

Covid-19 vaccines are likely safe during pregnancy. When will we know for sure?

Exclusive: Pressley, Warren, and Lee reintroduce bill to fight racism in public health

Prisons have already failed to contain Covid-19. What happens when the new variants arrive?

How we can encourage people to wear masks — for others’ sake