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Public Health

Do soda taxes fight obesity? How did Juul hook American teens? Vox tackles all your questions about public health issues and trends.

Another Covid-19 winter is coming. Here’s how to prepare.

Lead poisoning kills millions annually. One country is showing the way forward.

What happened to the family doctor?

The dangers of virus hunting

How America became a nation of gamblers

Narcan — the opioid overdose medication — will finally be available over the counter

What could cause a malaria comeback in the US — and what could stop it

Medicare’s first-ever drug price negotiations, briefly explained

You still need to tell your friends if you get Covid

Half the world is at risk of dengue. Why is there no universal way to prevent it?

Fauci’s replacement is the person America’s STI crisis needs

What do Americans want from their food? The answers are in the Trader Joe’s recalls.

Why the mosquito that spreads West Nile virus is becoming resistant to insecticides

This tick’s spit can make you allergic to meat

Is it time to be worried about Covid-19 again?

The FDA approved a new preventive shot for RSV, the leading cause of US infant hospitalization

8 people have acquired malaria in the US. They’re the first in 20 years.

The WHO declared aspartame “possibly” causes cancer. Here’s what that means.

The next big question about over-the-counter birth control

How an LGBTQ clinic in Uganda keeps going amid rising homophobic violence

What to do if you’re worried about “forever chemicals” in your drinking water

A new era for Alzheimer’s treatment begins

We finally have malaria vaccines. The next hurdle: Distributing them.

What your doctor wants you to know about Ozempic

How to bring back the small-town family doctor

Joe Rogan wants a “debate” on vaccine science. Don’t give it to him.

RFK Jr.’s fringe presidential candidacy, explained

Uganda’s anti-gay law will hurt all Ugandans

The next frontier for Ozempic: Health insurance

Why more mammograms aren’t the solution to breast cancer

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are losing Medicaid every month

3 things you should know about the end of the Covid public health emergency

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Don’t let AI fears of the future overshadow present-day causes

Mental illness is not responsible for America’s guns crisis

A Covid outbreak at a CDC conference is ironic. But is it a big deal?

The FDA approves a breakthrough vaccine 50 years in the making

Why the world should celebrate Smallpox Eradication Day

The surgeon general says loneliness is as deadly as smoking

The US foreign aid budget could do a lot more good. This House bill wants to force it to.

Republicans want to force doctors to mislead patients about reversing abortions

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