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Public Health

Do soda taxes fight obesity? How did Juul hook American teens? Vox tackles all your questions about public health issues and trends.

The CDC has finally loosened Covid isolation guidelines. Here’s why that’s a good thing.

Who fakes cancer research? Apparently, lots of people.

Driving at ridiculous speeds should be physically impossible

Should Big Pharma pay poor countries for finding new diseases?

Hospitals are supposed to be safe. Not in Gaza.

The death of the world’s best marathon runner is part of a troubling global trend

We have treatments for opioid addiction that work. So why is the problem getting worse?

From Gaza to Sudan, conflict is driving a rise in hunger worldwide

Why I’m glad my newborn received a false positive test for a rare genetic disorder

Why would anyone be against lifesaving malaria bednets?

A deadly new outbreak is testing Africa’s ambitious public health efforts

America is retreating from global health leadership at the worst possible time

How political gridlock could kill the best global health program the US ever passed

Yes, everyone is sick right now. So what can you do about it?

Pregnancy care deserts are growing. Indigenous babies are at risk.

Alcohol overuse causes 140,000 American deaths annually. Why is it so undertreated?

How a fight over data made South Dakota’s bad syphilis outbreak worse

Tuberculosis kills more people than malaria or HIV. Why haven’t we found a vaccine?

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Scott O’Neill hopes to go out of business with his disease-fighting program

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Ashley Muteti transformed her loss into social change in Kenya

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Nikki Teran wants to stop the next pandemic

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Varsha Venugopal and Fiona Conlon are using gossip to save lives

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Seye Abimbola hopes to amplify marginalized voices in the global health space

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Ticora Jones has supercharged global development research

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Moitshepi Matsheng and Noam Angrist are working to reduce HIV transmission in Botswana

I give 10 percent of my income to charity. You should, too.

The US doesn’t have universal health care — but these states (almost) do

Why are so few people getting the latest Covid-19 vaccine?

It’s getting increasingly dangerous to be a newborn in the US

Hollywood is missing the big picture on the opioid crisis

Patients don’t know how to navigate the US health system — and it’s costing them

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Who thought flexible spending accounts were a good idea?

There’s a morning-after pill to prevent sexually transmitted infections

Nearly 2 million kids have been kicked off Medicaid this year

What could cause a malaria comeback in the US — and what could stop it

The lifesaving, Nobel Prize-winning discovery that almost didn’t happen

What a striking new study of death in America misses

More young, healthy people should be getting Paxlovid when they get Covid

Another Covid-19 winter is coming. Here’s how to prepare.

Lead poisoning kills millions annually. One country is showing the way forward.

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