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Public Health

Do soda taxes fight obesity? How did Juul hook American teens? Vox tackles all your questions about public health issues and trends.

Why does the US keep running out of medicine?

Syphilis rates are soaring in South Dakota’s American Indian communities. What’s going on?

Going home for the holidays? Boost, mask, and test beforehand.

New RSV vaccines are coming. This is very, very good news.

Forget tainted candy: The scariest thing on Halloween is parked in your driveway

Why everybody you know is sick right now

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John Fetterman survived a stroke. It could be an asset if he’s elected.

There’s a morning-after pill to prevent sexually transmitted infections

Our buildings are making us sick

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Lucia Coulter and Jack Rafferty want to strip the world of lead-based paint

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Target Malaria’s scientists are working to rid Africa of an ancient plague

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Jennifer Doudna helped rewrite life with CRISPR

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Zeynep Tufekci has been consistently ahead of the curve on Covid-19

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Kevin Esvelt wants to make the world safe from — and for — biotechnology

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DARPA changed technology. Now Renee Wegrzyn wants to bring the same innovation to medicine.

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Our health care data infrastructure is broken. Caitlin Rivers hopes to fix it.

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Josh Morrison took risks for science, and he thinks you can, too

Why do labs keep making dangerous viruses?

America’s increasingly atrocious access to maternity care, explained in 3 charts

Rising rates of syphilis in babies should set off all our alarm bells

A wave of anti-vaccine legislation is sweeping the United States

Why are American lives getting shorter?

Anal and oral sex spread monkeypox. Let’s talk about it.

This stream has:

A worldwide monkeypox outbreak

Why monkeypox is a repeat of the data mistakes made with Covid-19

New York’s polio crisis, explained

School vaccine mandates for Covid-19 are not happening

7 of your most pressing monkeypox vaccine questions, answered

Monkeypox should have been easily controllable. How did we fail so badly?

Should you get another Covid-19 vaccine booster now or wait for the new shots?

Finally, an answer to the question: AI — what is it good for?

You still need to tell your friends if you get Covid

The smallpox vaccine stockpile isn’t the monkeypox solution we need — yet

We’ve all got Covid-19 fatigue, but BA.5 shows it’s not over

We’re battling a sleep loss epidemic. California has a plan to fight it.

The Aftermath

Health care in jails and prisons is terrible. The pandemic made it even worse.

The end of Roe will mean more children living in poverty

The dire health consequences of denying abortions, explained

How the US got so dependent on baby formula