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Vox Welcomes Its First Executive Director of Talent and Development, Phoebe Gavin

A new role at Vox is aiming to find solutions to the challenges many journalists face that too often go unaddressed in America’s newsrooms.

Phoebe Gavin.
Victoria Fleischer

In early January, VP Allison Rockey welcomed Phoebe Gavin to Vox in a brand-new role for the company, one that sits within the editorial team at Vox. The role of executive director of talent and development is a response to the challenges Vox and many newsrooms have faced over the last few years.

“Vox’s audience comes to us for ideas and solutions on how to make the world more just and fair, and it is important that we extend that commitment to our staff as well, working every day to find new solutions to help our journalists find fulfillment and success at work,” said Rockey. “Our goal is ambitious: We want to continue to evolve how we work together to create the best newsroom culture in the industry, and I couldn’t be more confident in Phoebe’s ability to help us get there.”

With experience in newsrooms leading the audience teams at Quartz and ThinkProgress and in her own career and leadership coaching business, Gavin understands the challenges journalists face, from burnout to online harassment and systemic discrimination, and she has a great track record of coaching managers on how to build a high-achieving, inclusive environment. She is also gifted at helping journalists find career clarity through reconnecting with their values, setting courageous goals, and creating sustainable plans.

The executive director of talent and development will be Vox’s accountable leader for making it one of the best newsrooms in the industry at diversity, equity, inclusion, career development, and hiring, but she won’t be doing this work alone. Gavin will be partnering closely with Vox Media’s core services teams in addition to Vox leadership.

“For a long time, Vox Media’s unique and open culture has attracted people from across the industry to work here, and we’re excited for Phoebe to collaborate with company leaders to keep improving it,” said Tom Giratikanon, Vox Media’s deputy publisher.

“The labor market is undergoing a permanent cultural shift. Workers are focused on finding employers that value them as people, not just as engines for profit and growth,” said Gavin. “Vox’s human-centric approach to talent gives it a massive competitive advantage in this new reality. I’m excited to support Vox as it further develops its forward-thinking approach to employee experience.”

If you are interested in learning more about open positions at Vox, please check out our careers page.