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Vox Announces Today, Explained, A New Flagship Daily Newsletter

Vox is expanding its award-winning podcast, “Today, Explained,” into a multi-platform news brand, starting with a daily newsletter offering clarity on the day’s most significant story

Paige Vickers

Today, Vox announced the expansion of its newsletter offerings with a new flagship morning newsletter, Today, Explained, inspired by its award-winning daily podcast of the same name. The daily newsletter is crafted to help subscribers understand one important story each weekday, edited and spearheaded by Vox’s senior editor of news, Caroline Houck, and written by a wide range of Vox journalists.

“In a time where readers are facing increasing challenges, the daily newsletter will empower subscribers to delve into one explainer each day, providing invaluable insights and analysis to help them navigate the day and the rapidly evolving world,” says Vox editor-in-chief and publisher Swati Sharma. “We are thrilled to expand the Today, Explained brand with a newsletter offering, strengthening our commitment to multiplatform storytelling and ensuring our readers are receiving the depth and breadth of our content across various platforms.”

Alongside that concise and thorough explainer of the day, the newsletter will include a curated roundup of stories to give subscribers a brief synopsis of other essential stories they need to know, offering a well-rounded and informative reading experience. With a wide variety of topics from the 2024 presidential race to cultural conversations like millennial motherhood dread, the newsletter will encompass our diverse world, mirroring the audience’s varied interests and concerns. The newsletter will also highlight each day’s episode of the Today, Explained podcast.

You can sign up for the free newsletter here.

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