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Bridgett Henwood and Cath Spangler Promoted to Co-Executive Producers of Vox Video; Natalie Jennings to Oversee Video and Audio Teams

Henwood and Spangler respectively take the helm as editorial director and director of production for Vox’s video team, while Natalie Jennings will oversee the next chapter of both the video and audio teams.

Courtesy of Andrew White; Courtesy of Bridgett Henwood

Today, Swati Sharma, Vox publisher and editor-in-chief, announced the promotions of Bridgett Henwood to co-executive producer and editorial director of video, and Cath Spangler to co-executive producer and director of video production. Natalie Jennings has taken on a new role overseeing Vox’s video and audio teams.

“Bridgett and Cath have been integral to the high-quality production and editorial direction Vox video is known for,” says Sharma. “They each bring extraordinary technical and creative skill to our field, and have helped the team grow its visual storytelling ambitions.”

Bridgett is a Vox veteran who started in 2016 as a copy editor before becoming a story editor for video. In her new role, she will oversee editorial strategy and planning, co-lead operations with Cath, lead newsroom collaborations, and work closely with Vox leadership.

Cath joined Vox in 2021 as a supervising producer after working on Vox’s Netflix series, Explained. In this new role, Cath will lead production to deliver on editorial, creative, and business needs. She will co-lead operations with Bridgett and be a primary liaison for video production across the company. Cath will also work closely with Vox leadership to develop creative production strategies.

Managing editor Natalie Jennings is shifting her role to oversee the next chapter of both the video and audio teams starting in the new year, a move that will help serve Vox’s goal of building a more unified newsroom.

“Natalie brings a wealth of experience in video from her time overseeing a video team at the Washington Post. We’re excited for her to partner with Cath and Bridgett to shape the future of Vox’s video strategy, as well as to maximize Vox’s impact through better collaboration across text, audio, and video,” says Sharma.

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