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Sean Rameswaram Promoted to Creative Director of Vox Audio and Co-Host of Today, Explained

Vox to hire for three new audio roles, including co-host, Today, Explained

Today, Explained co-host Sean Rameswaram
James Bareham / Vox Media, Inc

Vox VPs Allison Rockey and Liz Kelly Nelson today announced the promotion of Sean Rameswaram to creative director of Vox audio and co-host of Vox’s flagship daily news podcast, Today, Explained. In this new role, Rameswaram will help take Today, Explained’s reporting in new directions, building on the success of special series it released last year, including “The Trump Years” and “Today, Explained to Kids,” while playing a bigger part in developing new projects for Vox — in audio and beyond. Rameswaram’s promotion creates the need for a co-host of Today, Explained, and Vox is also hiring for two new audio roles: editorial director of news audio and editorial director of explanatory audio.

“When we brought Sean in to help us launch our flagship daily news podcast, we knew he had the perfect blend of curiosity, humor and wild creativity to make a show uniquely suited for the Vox audience. Sean has been instrumental in defining Vox’s approach to our daily news show and I am thrilled to watch — and listen — to what his creative mind can do with even more projects at Vox,” says Allison Rockey.

“With Sean transitioning into his new role and two new very focused editorial directors, we’ll be positioned to deepen and grow our work even more,” said Kelly Nelson. “I can’t wait to get started. These investments in our future speak to Vox Media’s commitment to audio and what we’ve built here at Vox.”

Rameswaram has hosted Today, Explained since it launched in 2018. The show was recently named Best News Podcast in the Podcast Academy’s Ambie Awards and the 2021 Webby Awards. Before joining Vox, he reported for WNYC’s Radiolab series More Perfect, and prior to that he was a reporter for PRI’s Studio 360, as well as the host of Studio 360’s Sideshow podcast and CBC’s Podcast Playlist.

“Eight hundred episodes in, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have finally been promoted to co-host of Today, Explained,” Rameswaram said. “But in all seriousness, I am eager to begin a new chapter at Vox — growing our ambition in audio while continuing to crank out daily news bangers at Today, Explained.

In addition to a co-host on Today, Explained, who’ll partner with Sean in setting the show’s direction, Vox is hiring an editorial director of news audio and editorial director of explanatory audio, bolstering an already 30-person-strong audio team. The editorial director of news audio will oversee Vox’s strong and growing portfolio of news audio content, including the teams producing Today, Explained, and Vox’s daily tech news short-form show, Recode Daily. The editorial director of explanatory audio will oversee Vox’s portfolio of explanatory audio content, including Unexplainable, recurring narrative journalism series such as The Impact and develop and launch new shows.

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