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Vox Press Room

Contact Info:
Lauren Starke (SVP, Communications)

Priyanka Mantha (Senior Director, Communications)

Amani Orr (Manager, Communications)

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 Bridgett Henwood and Cath Spangler Promoted to Co-Executive Producers of Vox Video; Natalie Jennings to Oversee Video and Audio Teams

Abdallah Fayyad and Jorge Just Join Vox

Vox Announces Today, Explained, A New Flagship Daily Newsletter

Eric Levitz and Kyndall Cunningham Join Vox

Vox Releases Second Annual Future Perfect 50 List Honoring Visionary Change Agents

Joshua Keating Joins Vox as Senior Correspondent

Vox Announces Elbert Ventura’s Return as Executive Editor

 Libby Nelson Promoted to Editorial Director at Vox

Vox Editor-in-Chief Swati Sharma Takes on Expanded Role as Publisher

Vox Launches New Guide to Open Enrollment

Vox Launches The United States of Florida

Vox Announces Patrick Reis as New Senior Politics Editor

Vox A Finalist for Three Online News Association Awards

Vox Announces New Hires, Deepening of Climate Reporting

Vox’s June Highlight Issue: Discrimination Everywhere

Vox’s May Highlight Issue: No New Ideas

Vox Announces New Roles for Bryan Walsh and Adam Clark Estes

Miranda Kennedy Joins Vox as Executive Producer of Flagship Daily News Podcast and Radio Show, Today, Explained

Vox’s April Highlight Issue: Adapting to and learning from the Colorado River drought crisis

Vox’s March Highlight Issue Is a Package Examining Doomerism

Vox Retires Recode and The Goods Branding, Absorbs Into Technology and Culture Coverage

Vox’s February Highlight Issue Is a Progress Report on American Education 

Vox’s Policy Podcast, The Weeds, Announces Jonquilyn Hill as Host

Vox’s December Highlight Issue Explores The Role of Humor in Society

Vox Announces New Hires and Promotions

Vox’s November Highlight Issue Explores the World to Come

Vox’s October Highlight Issue Explores the Future of Climate Change

Vox Announces Inaugural Future Perfect 50 List Honoring Visionary Change Agents 

Vox Conversations Relaunches as The Gray Area, Hosted by Sean Illing

Ahead of the 2022 Midterm Elections, Vox’s September Highlight Issue Examines the Role of Latino Voters Nationwide

Vox Launches New Editorial Initiative on Reparations in America

Vox’s August Highlight Issue Explores the State of Modern American Friendship

Vox and The Verge Collaborate on the Latest Season of Vox Media’s Award-Winning Land of the Giants Podcast

Vox launches new weekly parenting newsletter, Extra Curricula

Vox’s Flagship Daily News Podcast Today, Explained Brings Back Its Summer Series for Kids, Today, Explained to Kids, Sponsored by KiwiCo

Vox’s Sean Illing to Take the Helm as Host of Vox Conversations

Vox launches a new section, Even Better, focused on direct, actionable advice for living a better life

Today, Explained Debuts on Two New Public Radio Stations, KCRW and WEKU

Vox Continues to Expand Its Newsroom With New Hires and Promotions

Avishay Artsy and Jonquilyn Hill Join Vox’s Audio Team

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