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Vox Press Room

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Lauren Starke (SVP, Communications)

Amani Orr (Manager, Communications)

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Vox continues to expand newsroom with new hires and promotions

Exploring the future of work

Bryan Walsh Joins Vox as Editor of Future Perfect

Vox Welcomes New Cohort of Fellows to the Network

Noel King Joins Vox’s Today, Explained as Co-Host and Editorial Director

Jonathan Guyer Joins Vox as Senior Foreign Policy Writer

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The Second Season of Vox and Vox Media Studios’ The Mind, Explained Premieres Today on Netflix 

Marin Cogan and Rachel Wilkerson Miller Join Vox

Shirin Ghaffary, Meredith Haggerty, Caroline Houck, Rebecca Jennings, Sara Morrison, Terry Nguyen, and Alanna Okun Promoted at Vox


How Vox built a YouTube channel with 10 million subscribers

The NCAA’s “Student-Athlete” is under fire – but misclassification is everywhere

Katherine Wells Joins Vox as Editorial Director of Explanatory Audio

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Vox and Vox Media Studios’ Documentary Series “Level Playing Field”  Premieres Today on HBO and HBO Max 

Ryan McCarthy Joins Vox as Editorial Director for Politics, Policy and Society

Amber Hall Joins Vox as Deputy Editorial Director, Talk Podcasts

Blair Hickman, Nisha Chittal, and Agnes Mazur Promoted at Vox

Jerusalem Demsas and German Lopez Named Co-Hosts of The Weeds

Longform podcast joins Vox

Q&A: Senior Correspondent Dylan Matthews on Covering the Child Tax Credit

Vox Reintroduces Vox Conversations Podcast With New Hosts Sean Illing and Jamil Smith

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