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Clinton and Trump have election night parties one mile apart

This is the first time in 72 years both major party candidates will spend election night in the same state.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will both be in New York tonight for their election parties. And if all goes smoothly, one candidate will be giving a victory speech while the other delivers a concession — just one mile away from each other.

Trump will be at the Midtown Hilton Hotel, across the street from the Museum of Modern Art, and just a few blocks from his home in Trump Tower. It’s notably not at Trump’s own hotel on the southwest corner of Central Park, likely because the Hilton has a more amenable event space.

Meanwhile, Clinton will be at the Javits Convention Center on the west side of Manhattan. It has hosted several large events over the years, including New York Comic Con and the 2005 NFL Draft.

Those two locales are only 1.2 miles apart if you had a helicopter to fly over Manhattan city blocks. But if you’re looking to walk from one party to the other, it’s about a 40-minute, 1.8-mile walk. (Advice from a New Yorker: Don’t try taking a cab tonight.)

This is the first time in 72 years that the major party nominees are from the same state, and thus in the same place for the election where they are registered to vote. In 1944, Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated fellow New Yorker Thomas Dewey — and we know FDR voted in Hyde Park, New York, because the White House stenographer wrote about it in this incredible journal entry.

Dewey, meanwhile, ran the following year in 1948 — and lost again, this time to Harry S. Truman, despite one newspaper writing a headline that said otherwise.

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