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Our coverage of poverty in America, which policies help reduce it, and why it's so hard to achieve economic mobility.

How America fails children

The simplest, most revolutionary approach to ending poverty

22 things we think will happen in 2022

22 predictions we made in 2021, and the 13 we got right

Democrats may let the best weapon against child poverty fade away

The lie of “expired” food and the disastrous truth of America’s food waste problem

Biden has launched the second war on poverty

We tried to predict 2020. Here’s what we got right — and so very wrong.

What Kenya can teach its neighbors — and the US — about improving the lives of the “unbanked”

How Canada lifted nearly 300,000 kids out of poverty in a single year

The Nobel went to economists who changed how we help the poor. But some critics oppose their big idea.

Vouchers can help the poor find homes. But landlords often won’t accept them.

A generation of economists helped get us into this mess. A new generation can get us out.

Alaska’s universal basic income problem

The Catch-22 for labor unions enjoying newfound public support

How Trump used a centuries-old racist trope to attack Baltimore

What economists have gotten wrong for decades

The Fed is doing something new: listening to low-income workers

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The 2020 Democratic primary debate over reparations, explained

2020 Democrats share plans to fight poverty at presidential forum

The GOP tax law’s lopsided giveaway to corporations, explained in one sentence

Trump wants to change how poverty is calculated — to make fewer people eligible for benefits

India’s poor don’t want money — they want health care

America’s anti-poor tax audits, in one infuriating map

Congress asked top experts for a plan to cut child poverty in half. Here it is.

Bill and Melinda Gates and the problem of the “good billionaire”

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5 anti-poverty plans from 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, explained

India’s opposition leader just endorsed a basic income for poor people

3 parts you don’t remember from Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech

Microcredit was a hugely hyped solution to global poverty. What happened?

It’s hard to design good policies. This simple idea can help governments do it.

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Giving Tuesday 2019: news and updates

“Schools are segregated because white people want them that way"

23 charts and maps that show the world is getting much, much better

Why Bill Gates is worried

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You have $8 billion. You want to do as much good as possible. What do you do?

Inside the Open Philanthropy Project, the group tasked with giving away Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz's massive fortune.

Giving out cash is a great way to fight poverty. This approach might be even better.

Income inequality is changing how we think, live, and die

Why the myth of a perfect meritocracy is so pernicious 

Environmental racism is dangerous. Trump’s EPA doesn’t seem to care.

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